Circa’s crime cherry gets popped by naked woman

A woman with make up eating cherry
A woman with make up eating cherry

Circa Resort, the new, massive casino property in Las Vegas that just opened last December, has had its crime cherry popped. It now joins the ranks of all the other casinos in Sin City that have had to deal with crime, but, like everything else Circa does, this incident is unique. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, a naked woman has been arrested after she broke into the venue’s fire control room and started shutting off the power to various pieces of equipment.

28-year-old Alissa Neeley was a guest at the Circa earlier this week when she concocted her unusual claim to fame. At around 9:30 Monday night, she was ordered off the property for walking around the hotel in nothing but her birthday suit and for entering rooms that were off-limits to everyone but hotel staff. Approximately 30 minutes after her mandatory exit, the property lost power to its casino, hotel and parking garage. At first, there was no obvious connection between the power outage and the former guest, but that soon changed.

Given that the Circa is a new property, it wouldn’t be surprising to have an occasional glitch, so a maintenance worker went to investigate. What he found were bent control switches, disabled wires and, beside all that, a naked Neeley sitting on a chair in the control room. Security was called and put in handcuffs, apparently still naked, as everyone waited for Las Vegas Metro Police to arrive.

Neeley was taken to the Clark County Detention Center and booked before being let go on her own recognizance. She is charged with “theft of a fire prevention device” and ordered to stay away from the resort. There was no work on whether she was ordered to wear clothes when she’s in public.

Slot machines, fire alarms, elevators and much more suffered during the three-hour outage; around $5,000 in damages was reported. Circa is trying to figure out how Neeley gained access to what should have been a locked, secure room, but the resort is already stepping up its security measures to prevent a similar incident from occurring. Circa spokeswoman Angela Ciciriello said Wednesday through a statement, “Although this was an isolated incident, we have implemented additional security measures to ensure our facilities are protected. The power was restored quickly and normal operations resumed.”

Las Vegas has had its share of crime over the years. In fact, some might say that the city, with roots that date back to the era of mobsters and mafias, is built on crime. However, its image has improved substantially since then, except for the occasional appearance of an Ocean’s 11 wanna-be, or a naked woman disabling key equipment.