Pascal Hartmann wins Super MILLION$ title for $454,908

A man holding chips in a poker table

The latest Super MILLION$ final table kicked off with Dario Sammartino in the lead, as we reported yesterday, but the Italian would not be able to see it out and claim the win. In fact, he would finish outside the podium places.

A man holding poker chips

How did this happen? Let’s take a look back at the 32nd Super MILLION$ final table and how it played out.

It took a long time for the first elimination, and it was Cypriot player Aliaksei Boika busted in 9th place for the first prize of $56,864. Boika was all-in with pocket sevens and was up against ‘RRomashka’, who made a better flush on the river with pocket tens.

It was the start of the eliminations, but there was no let up from that moment onwards, with players dropping left, right and centre. Next to depart was Canadian Ami Barer, his stack eventually dwindling to 12 big blinds. Barer must have thought he’d waited for the perfect moment, moving all-in with pocket queens, but he was called by Argentina’s ‘on the Flow’ with ace-king and an ace on the flop saw the chips disappear from in front of Barer.

Out in 7th place was another Canadian in Kyle Menard. He had just over seven big blinds when he picked up pocket kings and got it into the middle after Sammartino shoved for the same with a suited queen-jack. The board of A-K-6-T-9 saw Sammartino score a stunning pot with Broadway on the turn and knock out Menard in cruel, cruel fashion. 

Play moved six-handed, but not for long. Sitting third in chips on 5.1 million, Isaac Baron got it all into the middle with ace-king but was up against Pascal Hartmann with 5.15 million and pocket queens. The board was ten high and Hartmann had nabbed the chip lead at Baron’s expense.

When Sammartino, short-stacked on around eight big blinds, shoved with ace-four and was skittled by Hartmann with pocket jacks (an ace on the river giving the Italian false hope before a jack on the river broke his heart), play was four-handed with the German in a fantastic position.

Pascal Hartmann – 12.2 million

OnTheFlow – 7.2 million

Pluto The Doggo – 1.3 million

RRomashka – 1.1 million

The field was fighting Hartmann with less collective chips than he had on his own and it told. Russian player ‘RRomashka’ was out when they shoved with pocket threes and was called by Hartmann’s pocket eights, which made a set on the turn.

Three-handed, Pluto The Doggo bullied their way back into contention with pocket aces and had the pleasant surprise of laddering up with ease when OnTheFlow moved all-in with a suited king-ten pre-flop and Hartmann called with ace-six offsuit. A six on the flop was the only card that mattered when the board, which had offered the Argentinian hope with a straight draw on the turn, sent play heads-up.

Pluto The Doggo was a massive underdog and again, that never really changed. Heads-up saw Hartmann continue to apply pressure for a few minutes before one final pot sent the title the German’s way.

The final hand was a fascinating one and saw Hartmann move all-in on the river with a king-high flush against Pluto the Doggo who held jack-five and rivered a five. Despite this, the jack of hearts convinced the Irish player that his five was good and he made what he hoped would be a hero call but in actual fact turned out to be the death knell on his hopes of becoming Super MILLION$ champion.

GGPoker Super MILLION$ Final Table January 19th Results:

1stPascal HartmannGermany$454,908
2nd‘Pluto the Doggo’Ireland$350,782
3rd‘On theFlow’Argentina$270,490
5thDario SammartinoItaly$160,834
6thIsaac BaronU.S.A.$124,020
7thKyle MenardCanada$95,633
8thAmi BarerCanada$73,743
9thAliaksei BoikaCyprus$56,864

Watch the final table in full right here on the GGPoker YouTube channel replay: