Super MILLION$ Won by Timothy Adams for $315,158


The latest Super MILLION$ final table on GGPoker saw the nine players return to action on Day 2 with Timothy Adams as a monster chip leader. It will come as no surprise to learn, then, that the Canadian won through in double-quick time, claiming the $315,158 top prize and his first Super MILLION$ win at the third time of reaching the final nine. How he did so, however, is a story well worth reading.  


Adams came into play with an overwhelming lead in the $10,000-entry weekly event, while others, such as Brazlian Fabrice Touil were nursing a micro-stack. It didn’t all go according to the betting odds, however, as Touil would survive some time.  

It took no time at all to lose the first player from the nine-handed table, however, with Russian Team partypoker Pro Anatoly Filatov going to the rail in the very first hand at the final table. Filatov three-bet all-in with pocket queens, but Seth Davies – the original bettor – held pocket aces and an easy call to reduce the field despite a sweat on the turn. 

Despite winning that hand, Filatov had been short-stacked so Davies didn’t improve his chances of victory that greatly. As the blinds went up, Davies was sent to the virtual rail too, his three-bet all-in with ace-king good enough to put his chips at risk with the best hand against Timothy Adams with ace-queen, but the dominated hand flopped a queen to bring the number of hopefuls down to seven.  

The table was six-handed when Laurynas Levinskas was busted shortly afterwards, with his ace-king unable to hit against Fabrice Touil pocket queens. It was Touil who departed next, however, when his run from three big blinds to a result worth $110,335 was confirmed, his all-in move for scraps with pocket kings called by Adams with ace-queen, an ace on the flop hitting the unfortunate Brazilian like a hammer blow.   

One of the biggest and brightest talents in the field was Alex Papazian, but his tournament was over when his last 1.8 million chips were called off after he used some of them to raise the shover, Jans Arends. Papazian had ace-king, but needed to hit against Arends’ pocket nines, and coulsn;t do so, to cash in 5th place for $136,106.  

With four players left, two hailed from Russia, but both would miss out on the heads-up. High Roller specialist Artur Martirosyan busted first when his final 12 bigs went into the middle hoping ace-queen could hit against his compatriot ‘MAMOHT_T’s pocket queens. Sadly for Martirosian, he couldn’t emulate Adams and was out.  ‘MAMOHT_T’ missed out on the final duel too when his king-trey was ahead but couldn’t hold for nine big blinds against Timothy Adams, whose jack-ten missed the king-high flop but was open-ended and turned the straight.  

That straight gave Adams a strong lead going into heads-up play, with 12.1 million chips against Arends, who had 5.1 million. With 60 big blinds to 25, Adams saw the job out when Arends’ four-bet shove to commit his entire stack with ace-queen was easily called by Adams with pocket queens.  

It took Timothy Adams 24 attempts at the Super MILLION$ and three final tables, but he became champion and taking down the tournament from wire to wire for a massive $315,158 must feel like it was all worth it.  

Super MILLION$ Final Table Results December 8th, 2020: 

Place Player Country Prize 
1stTimothy Adams Canada $315,158 
2ndJans Arends Austria $255,485 
3rd‘MAMOHT_T’ Russia $207,111 
4thArtur Martirosian Russia $167,896 
5thAlex Papazian Croatia $136,106 
6thFabrice Touil Brazil $110,335 
7thLauyrnas Levinskas Croatia $89,444 
8thSeth Davies Canada $72,508 
9thAnatoly Filatov Russia $58,779