BitBoss innovates for Bitcoin gambling with blackjack, exchange services

bitboss logo with poker background
bitboss logo with poker background

BitBoss is continuing to break new ground in the Bitcoin gambling space. The gambling service provider has rolled out the first blackjack game run entirely on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain, while also offering a new exchange service, allowing customers to exchange several digital currencies for BSV.

Both new features come to their Dragon BSV Casino, BitBoss’ Android mobile casino service. “Like with our other offerings, every single bet and bet result for our blackjack game is a transaction on the Bitcoin SV blockchain,” explained Alex Shore, CTO at BitBoss in an interview with Bitcoin Association.

Blackjack’s challenge to the blockchain will create new opportunities

But blackjack offered a few new challenges for BitBoss to figure out. “Blackjack is a multi-action game; choosing to buy insurance, doubling, splitting, standing – every action is recorded as a blockchain transaction. This has a ton of benefits because everything is provably fair, you don’t have to build off-chain technology and try to scale it. Everything is on the Bitcoin SV blockchain.”

The challenge of having multiple decisions recorded on the blockchain is bigger than it might seem. Each decision creates a transaction, and BitBoss had to figure out how to deal with the chain limit, or the number of transactions the game can create before a new block is mined on the blockchain.

They’ve resolved this by recognizing when the player would approach a chain-limit, and circumventing it. “We have a limit where we can chain 50 transactions together (which works out to 25 bets), and we can do things where players can move BSV around and we end up where we have many different UTXOs to begin a new chain,” said Shore. “We might hit the limit on one of these chains, but then we can start another and another.”

“We’ve done a lot of work on this limit, but when it goes away, our system is going to be that much more powerful. Even if a block takes 90 minutes to get mined, it doesn’t matter.’ added Shore.

“The removal of that limit is massive for online gaming,” noted BitBoss CEO Matt Dickson. “It basically completes Bitcoin SV as the ultimate blockchain for gambling.”

By figuring out how to record all actions of a multi-decision game like Blackjack on chain, BitBoss has opened the door for other multi-decision games have a game plan to follow to join the offering. Games like Pai Gow, Caribbean Stud and more could be right around the corner.

In the near future, the next game we can probably expect to see is Slots. The developer teased slots may be coming soon in a November 18 Vimeo.

BitBoss offers exchange services

Dragon BSV Casino has also made it easier for customers to bring in whatever digital currency they have and convert it to BSV.

By clicking on ‘Acquire BSV’ in the app, users can opt to trade BTC, ETH, XRP, TRX, XMR, LTC, USDT AND USDC for BSV. They’ll then be provided with the current exchange rate for that pair, expected fees, and the final amount of their deposit, reflected in both BSV and their default Fiat currency.

As Dickson noted in his comments, BitBoss’ achievements are trying to reach the broadest audience possible. By showing everyone the power of the Bitcoin SV blockchain, with its ability to provide transparency, accessibility, immutability, both the operator and the player benefit. “We’re not trying to create something that’s secretive and behind-the-scenes, we’re trying to create something very public and very useable so that new business models can come about,” Dickson said.

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