Pascal Lefrancois wins CPP Super High Roller for $585,175

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The latest partypoker Caribbean Poker Party event has been completed and the $25,000+$500 Super High Roller was only for the nosebleed-stake players.  

Poker chips

With interest from around the world, the final seven players would cash, and it produced an exciting final table of action to round out the event.  

The final table kicked off as it went along, at a fast pace and with plenty of drama. American player Daniel Colpoys was the first player to leave the action as Colpoys moved all-in with pocket jacks and was coolered by Stoob Claas’s pocket aces.  

Team partypoker ambassador Isaac Haxton would bust in 6th place as he was rivered by a one-outer. Haxton had pocket sevens, which had picked up a set against Trickett’s pocket aces. With an ace already having been folded, ‘Tricky’ was drawing to one out, but it popped up on the river to condemn Haxton to the rail.  

Sam Trickett had folded five big blinds in that Stoob vs. Colpoys hand to ladder up, but the player who has won the second most money on the British all-time tournament list (he’s behind only Stephen Chidwick in that regard), busted next in 5th place for $131,621, even after winning that hand against Haxton. With just 10 big blinds to his name, Trickett was all-in and at risk with ace-nine, but was unable to outdraw Spanish modern legend Adrian Mateos, whose pocket eights even improved to a set on the flop.  

 While Trickett was left with a couple of big blinds, those were soon gone, and the dramatic endings to players tournaments only continued. Another Spanish player in Sergi Reixach busted in 4th place for $179,037 when his final 14 big blinds went into the middle with ace-nine. Called by Pascal Lefrancois, Reixach would have been disappointed to be behind ace-king, and he couldn’t catch a nine to survive.  

When Claas fell in 3rd place for over a quarter of a million dollars ($253,129), the heads-up was set, the German player again dominated by Lefrancois, ace-deuce no good against ace-queen. That gave Lefrancois a not inconsiderable heads-up advantage, sitting with almost double Mateos’ chips, but he would not have it all his own way in the final duel.  

The final hand was full of drama and for many of the chips, as Lefrancois stuck in a sneaky open with ace-four of diamonds and was looked up by Mateos with queen-jack of spades. The flop of K-T-4 kept both players interest and another four on the turn gave Lefrancois trips. A big bet and call went in on that street, but the river saw all the chips piled in, as it came an ace to give Mateos a Broadway straight only for it also to fill up a full house for the Frenchman, and when Lefrancois shoved, Mateos check-called to his doom.  

While the Spaniard earned $370,477 for the event, Lefrancois’ victory was worth a staggering $585,175 – a terrific return on his $25,500 entry.  

Partypoker 2020 Caribbean Poker Party $25,000 Super High Roller Final Table Results: 






Pascal Lefrancois 




Adrian Mateos 




Stoob Claas 




Sergi Reixach 




Sam Trickett 

United Kingdom 



Isaac Haxton 




Daniel Colpoys 




You can watch the entire final day of play at the Super High Roller final table right here in this video from partypoker’s Twitch channel. We’ll keep you up to date with plenty more events this week from the partypoker Caribbean Poker Party Online.