Peergame receives world’s first Bitcoin SV gambling license from Curacao

Bitcoin SV gambling license

Peergame, the Bitcoin SV (BSV) powered casino, has become the first licensed online gaming site of its kind. The operator announced it has received a Curacao eGaming license in a November 11 tweet.

For those unfamiliar with Peergame, it offers what they call a ‘Casino 2.0’ experience, with no need for users to sign up an account or log in. Players simply make bets directly from their personal BSV wallet, and if they should win their funds are returned to that same wallet almost instantly. They currently offer Baccarat, a lottery game called Bitto, Dice, Turtle Races and a Ladder game.

Bitcoin SV gambling licensePeergame provided us this statement regarding their new license:

“We finally obtained the iGaming license. It took longer than expected, because Peergame is such a unique platform with unprecedented user experience. Fitting our system into some criteria of regulations was very tricky for both regulators and for us, since our system is something the industry has never seen before.

But we have worked tirelessly to preserve this unique user experience whilst complying with all the regulations of the iGaming industry, and we are proud to say we were successful.”

Peergame has been a trailblazer in more than one sense of the world. Before they received this license, they were also the first BSV powered casino to announce an Affiliate program. Details are still outstanding on that topic, but an affiliate program coupled with BSV’s ability to pay out partners for every single bet, rather than on actual win, coupled with the traceability of the blockchain should mean a superior deal for marketing affiliates.

This news demonstrates that Peergame has started the work of educating regulators, something the recent CoinGeek Live conference said was a necessary step. They’ve also put in the effort to educate players, publishing guides on what Provably Fair gambling means, as well as giving players a lesson in how BSV transactions work.

That effort should ensure that not only does BSV become more popular, but also more accepted by regulators, opening the door for other BSV gambling operations to gain a solid footing and start reaping the rewards the blockchain can provide.