Ole Schemion wins GGPoker Super MILLIONS for $317,000

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Ole Schemion Wins GGPoker Super MILLIONS for $317,000

The latest GGPoker Super MILLION$ final table had it all – a comeback victory, massive names fighting for big prizes and a six-figure score from a $100 satellite entry.

The latest Super MILLION$ final table saw Austrian high roller and Pokercode pioneer Matthias Eibinger go into play with the chip lead but with players such as Stephen Chidwick and Ole Schemion chasing him down. That was easier to do for Chidwick as the British tournament legend went into play third in chips, but after an early double-up, Schemion was firmly back in contention.

That wasn’t the earliest drama at the final table, however, as American player David Miscikowski cashed for $41,608 in 9th place when he called off qualifier Philippe DAuteuil’s shove, with the Canadian slightly covering his North American counterpart. DAuteuil held pocket kings, and Miscikowski was drawing pretty thin with ace-king and couldn’t get there.

It was another short-stack who busted next, Canadian Sean Winter exiting when his three-bet with ace-deuce ran into Schemion’s ace-queen. With the German shoving and getting a call, he held with ease when a queen landed on the turn, condemning Winter to a distinctly cool end to his event, his 8th place finish earning him $53,647.

After busting Mexico-based player ‘Nator’ too, Schemion was looking like the most aggressive player at the table and was on a roll. ‘MrGambol’ more than stepped up to the plate, however, busting Brazilian player Brunno Albuquerque in 6th place for $89,180 when the latter’s ace-queen was faced with the task of catching pocket sevens. Albuquerque actually flopped an ace, but with a third seven also on the flop, couldn’t find a miracle to overtake ‘MrGambol’ and bowed out.

With five players left, everyone was guaranteed a six-figure payout, and it was perhaps the most impressive run that ended next, $100-satellite qualifier Philippe DAuteuil cashing for $114,982 when his queen-nine couldn’t outdraw Eibinger’s ace-nine from being committee pre-flop. DAuteuil could celebrate a wonderful result and thanks to selling 50% of his action before the $10,000-entry event kicked off on GGPoker, pleased seven investors too, who had seen the value at a 1.1 mark-up rate.

Three of the remaining top four players could legitimately claim to be an elite player in live terms as well as online, with Eibinger (88th), Schemion (40th) and Chidwick (6th) each in the top 100 of the all-time money list for live poker tournaments.

It would be Chidwick who departed in 4th place, cashing for $148,248 when his ace-nine couldn’t spike a rocket against Eibinger’s pocket kings when all-in pre-flop. And before they knew it, play was heads-up, Eibinger himself went when all-in with pocket sixes from the big blind, having moved over Schemion’s min-raise with ace-seven.

Instead of one of his overs coming, the German saw four hearts give him the flush courtesy of his seven of hearts, and due to that hand, Schemion took a vital pot, going into heads-up with a slight deficit of 6.6 million chips to MrGambol’s 8.3 million.

Schemion worked his way into the lead, and eventually managed to coax MrGambol into a four-bet shove. Gambol’s hand was revealed as pocket fives, but Schemion had pocket kings and won the pot and the tournament as a safe board saw his cowboys ride home to victory.

GGPoker Super MILLION$ Final Table Results October 20th:






Ole Schemion








Matthias Eibinger




Stephen Chidwick

United Kingdom



Philippe DAuteuil




Brunno Albuquerque








Sean Winter




David Miscikowski




You can watch the final table play out in its entirety right here, and watch Ole Schemion take the title: