CoinGeek Live: 7 panels you need to see


With three days full of Bitcoin content, CoinGeek Live is set to deliver loads of the latest information you could want to find about digital currency and blockchain technology. If you’re new to the industry, and you’re not sure what this information could mean to your business, we have a little primer to help ease you in.

coingeek-live-7-panels-you-need-to-seeOn Day 1, make sure to catch the opening remarks from Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen, who always does a great job of spelling out the vision of Bitcoin SV (BSV), and how it can enhance your business. He kicks off the day at 9:05 am EDT.

Immediately following him at 9:25 am EDT is CTO and Technical Director of nChain Steve Shadders, to speak on the latest Technical Updates of Bitcoin SV. There’s a good chance he speaks about how Bitcoin SV has now moved from micro-payments to nano-payments with the Rails update, opening up a new world of possibilities and use cases.

How does BSV achieve nearly instant payments with almost no fees? Better Payments: Improving the Consumer Experience with Bitcoin at 10:25 am EDT will look at how BSV’s infrastructure has been built to massively scale, reduce network congestion, and enable frictionless peer to peer transactions.

For business wondering how BSV fits in to global regulations, the 12:25pm EDT panel on Regulation of Digital Assets & Digital Asset Businesses has got you covered. BSV was built to work within the financial regulations of the world, and this panel will show you why that’s a good decision.

Day 2 starts a little earlier at 7:00am EDT, so set your alarms! And after a couple of interesting panels on the new technology made possible by BSV, content creators and affiliates will want to check out Re-Invent the Internet: New Models for Digital Media & User Content at 7:55 am.

For operators interested in how they can put their promotional campaigns on the blockchain, at 8:55am EDT we’ll learn how BSV is creating the best use cases for tokens with Token Solutions on Bitcoin SV.

Day 3 kicks off with a topic that’s just as important as any. Making Bitcoin Easy to Use for Everyone will feature two members from the HandCash team, and how they’re making Bitcoin so easy to use, even your grandma could do it.

That’s just a small sampling of the 40+ talks scheduled for CoinGeek live, with over 50 speakers expected to attend. And we haven’t even mentioned anything from the gambling track, which will deliver content specific to the gambling industry’s needs, or the important keynote speakers like Bitcoin creator Dr. Craig Wright.

You don’t want to miss any of CoinGeek Live; and the good news is, you don’t have to. Register for free at