Becky’s Affiliated: New opportunities for iGaming affiliates to be revealed at #CGLive 2020

Becky’s-Affiliated-New-opportunities-for-iGaming-affiliates-to-be-revealed-at-CGLive 2020

On the morning of October 2nd EST, there is a unique opportunity for gambling industry and esports professionals to be inspired by disruptive BSV blockchain technology

Becky’s-Affiliated-New-opportunities-for-iGaming-affiliates-to-be-revealed-at-CGLive 2020For the first time in its history, the sixth CoinGeek Conference will feature a special gambling industry and esports track, taking place from 9:25-11:35 EST Friday, October 2nd, Day 3 of the event. The purpose of this track is to educate gambling and esports professionals on how BSV technology can improve their business and also educate BSV professionals on the gambling industry’s pain points so both sectors can work together to solve them.

The free-to-attend event is set to broadcast live from studios in New York City and London and will feature high-profile gambling industry speakers such as Unikrn’s Rahul Sood, Boyd Gaming’s Eric Bowers, Hero Gaming’s Sam Brown and many more.

Bitboss’s CEO and CTO will also be speaking, one on the “cashless casinos” panel and the other on the “iGaming future” panel as Bitboss is neatly positioned at the intersection of gambling and blockchain, both from a land based and online perspective.

Today I wanted to educate the gambling industry- in particular iGaming affiliates- on an opportunity that already exists within the BSV ecosystem thanks to the innovation at Bitboss

Several months ago, Bitboss revealed the launch of “DragonBSV”, their white label mobile casino that is ready for affiliates to promote today.

“The mobile casino is, we think, one of the first gaming platforms running 100% on-chain, on BSV” revealed Matt Dickson, CEO & Co-Founder of BitBoss.

“All betting transactions happen on-chain, everything is 100% transparent, provably fair, we have that technology built into it. Currently we have baccarat, American roulette and blackjack is coming out basically in the next day or two, its all done and being tested now”, he added.

So what does this all mean?

First of all, payments for players, affiliates and content providers become much easier, with higher frequency and miniscule transaction fees. 

“When you’re talking about a game like baccarat or blackjack with a pretty low house advantage, if you want to allow people to be able to gamble for say a dollar U.S. per hand, you want to be able to pay a content creator six percent or seven percent of the theoretical net win, it becomes a very, very small number”, Dickson pointed out. 

“The only blockchain that we feel that can handle that right now is BSV. And do it economically. We can’t have the transaction cost eat into that micro-transaction and we’re able to facilitate payments directly to content creators and affiliates in real time based on theoretical net win”, he said.

Dickson went on to explain why a BSV-powered mobile casino such as Dragon BSV is such a unique opportunity for iGaming affiliates, especially when it comes to payments.

“For an affiliate, its probably the most transparent gambling platform there is. When you refer a customer in, you receive back the public key of the customer’s crypto wallet and since every transaction that we process is a transaction on-chain, as the affiliate you can see the transactions in real time “, he explained.

“Since we pay in real time as well based on theoretical net win, you can see the transactions and you can get paid on the transactions in real time and we don’t think it exists anywhere else in the world right now”, Dickson revealed.

Affiliates should surely take notice of a new opportunity to introduce an innovative mobile casino to their audience, one that simplifies the notoriously painful payment procedure and also provides provably fair games.

“I think as crypto is becoming more widely held and adopted, allowing somebody to gamble directly with their crypto currency as opposed to just using it as a funding mechanism is an interesting concept”, said Dickson. 

“So to the player, they don’t have to worry about making deposits or worrying about getting those deposits back at the end of their gambling session, which in some cases can be quite expensive to get your money back. Usually platforms allow free deposits, but it costs to withdraw”, he said. 

“On BSV with such low transaction costs, you’re not making a deposit, you’re making a wager out of your crypto wallet, bet by bet by bet, you never have to get your money back from the casino itself”, he explained. 

“So we think that’s going to help with player adoption and obviously the provably fair piece should help as well, your players will know that every bet that they make is fair, with 100% mathematical certainty”, he added.

And this is just the beginning. Bitboss has a list of plans in the works for expanding their B2B and B2C offerings for the online gambling industry, including a “coming soon” sports betting product.

“We’ve partnered up with a sports book operator out of Curacao, our first sports betting product will be NBA basketball”, revealed Dickson.

“What we’re really trying to do is get all the data on-chain as well. The data for sports betting changes so rapidly – second by second by second – its really quite interesting to us that we can use a blockchain and publish that data onto a chain for the crypto wallets to download and for people to be able to make bets in real time – in-game bets – while the game is happening”, he said.

“BSV really empowers that kind of functionality for sports betting which is very, very interesting to us”, Dickson added.

Join Dickson and a number of other gambling industry professionals for the special gambling track at CoinGeek Live on October 2nd. Get your free pass online and will see you there!