The Long Con: Martin Wachter on how he got in shape through diet and exercise

Martin Wachter has been very successful in the gambling industry, having founded GoldenRace and leading it as CEO. But that’s not why our Becky Liggero Fontana wanted to chat with him on this week’s episode of The Long Con. Instead, they discussed just how he got into such tremendous shape over the past few years, and how you can do it too.

If you’ve known Wachter for some time, you will remember the days when he wasn’t rocking those great looking abs. “I always tried to do sports and I was always into fitness, but based on the travel, it was always very difficult,” he admitted. “In a normal year, I do 160 flights, so it was always difficult for me to do something. I had an accident two years ago on skiing, I was in a bad shape, I started to limp for a year. I visited a few doctors, but I didn’t take too much care about myself. And it happens one day, I went to the gym and one of my friends, close friends, he came to me and he told me, ‘Listen Martin, what’s happened to you?’ When I say what do you mean, ‘Did you watch yourself in the mirror?’ I say yeah, why? ‘You got fat.’”

That was a turning point, and Wachter decided something needed to change. “So I was looking around, I checked a few diets, I went a little bit in Keto, saw a lot of fat,” he said. “I thought it’s maybe also not the best. And finally, I found something, it’s called intermittent fasting. So it’s a clear decision, you have a window where you eat, you have a window where you don’t eat. And I started to do this, and started also to do some gym. It was in May last year and within 10 months, I lost 20 kilos and I start to feel really good.”

This has led to an ongoing process of finding the little changes Wachter can make to continue improving his health. While he no longer sticks to intermittent fasting, he’s happy to share its benefits. “I had my window, 20 hours no food and four hours whatever i like. And it was a lot of ice cream, I’m honest, a lot of ice cream, steaks and all the bad things.”

Now, Wachter exercises regularly, and he feels that it not only made him healthier, but it made his thought process for business decision making sharper. And for those consider a similar path, he recommends not delaying it. “You have to do it from the moment you decide to do it, and not, ‘Okay now it’s Wednesday, let’s start from next Monday.’ That’s bullshit. You have to do it and you have to know what you want to achieve.”

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