The Long Con: Transforming complaints into requests with Emily Haruko Leeb

The culture of an organization has a large effect on how it actually gets work done. Building that culture so that it is conducive to communication and trust is important, and something Emily Haruko Leeb, Corporate Coach and Consultant is ready to help with. The one-time super producer of joined Becky Liggero Fontana for this week’s episode of The Long Con.

Liggero Fontana and Haruko Leeb go way back, having met at the very beginning of this site’s founding.” 11 years ago, I had started a gig with a new online gaming media venture by the name of,” Haruko Leeb recounted. “For the following four years, you and I worked together producing content for, I was a production manager, and we were gallivanting around Europe, as you still are, well not during Covid, but discovering different gaming conferences, events, parties. Four years into my doing that role, I got pregnant with my first child, and that role wasn’t really fitting to being a new mom so I resigned from and I got into the mommy world for a little while.”

That transition into a new life eventually brought her to what she’s doing now. “When I was pregnant with my daughter, I decided to do a coach training program,” she said. “Along the way, I became an associate with a company called ParaComm International, and ParaComm does corporate coaching, executive coaching, corporate consulting on a very large scale.”

Haruko Leeb explained what kind of coaching she’s now providing. “So in my private practice, I have started to do more organizational transformation work lately, so this is working with teams and organizations, c-suites, leadership groups, owner operators and CEOs sometimes one-on-one,” she said. “We’re doing a lot of work around organizational transformation, so a lot of culture, and there’s often a lot of involvement from HR, or as we like to say, people and culture because humans are not actually resources.”

Having spent years around the gambling industry, she’s of course sharing her new talents with some old friends. “I’ve worked with a number of people in the online gaming industry, just having started my coaching practice seven years ago, I’ve worked with a handful of people in the gaming industry and now I’m hoping to do some more work with teams and organizations.”

The conversation then turned to some of the ways Haruko Leeb sees that the industry can transform, and a few people she’s already helped. Having a vision is important to all of that. “As we’re transitioning through this new global pandemic, and we don’t know where we’re going essentially, my core belief is that we need to have a vision of the future to know where we’re going,” she said. “So to be able to support the gaming industry, to be able to support specific teams, to be able to support specific businesses on identifying where is it that they’re going. We don’t always need to know how we’re going to get there, we need to know where we’re going, and when we have that vision of the future, it’s the thing that allows us to define our everyday actions, and choices, and marketing strategies.”

By employing a top down approach, and focusing on the culture, language and trust systems in a business, she’s helping organizations realize higher productivity. “We’re literally giving people a new language and tools to be able to communicate and create a culture that is one of integrity, that’s one of transparency, where people are able to have straight talk, and one where really everybody is playing on the same field,” she said.

If that sounds like something your organization can use, Haruko Leeb has a special offer to readers of “I’m happy to offer anyone that sees the video a free, 1-hour strategy session if they book before August 31. They can book with me using this link

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