Disney and NFL lead odds to buy XFL


After a promising start, the second edition of the XFL proved to be as cursed as the first, seeing a fast decline in ratings, shutting down due to Covid-19 and ultimately declaring bankruptcy. With the league now for sale, MyBookie is asking punters who they think will swoop in and try their luck on another season with the doomed brand.

disney-and-nfl-lead-odds-to-buy-xflFor some context, the league is expected to be sold sometime this August. Whoever purchases the league from majority shareholder Vince McMahon, who also owns the majority of the WWE, will gain all of its assets and debts, including a lawsuit from former CEO Oliver Luck, who claims either McMahon or the league better pay him the $23.8 million he’s owed.

Thanks to court filings, we know that as many as 20 interested parties will pony up the cash for this league, and MyBookie has Disney/Fox as the favorite. The deal makes some sense for the House of Mouse, as anything Disney touches seems to turn to gold, and it gives them great content for their ABC network, as well as Disney+.

But if not them, then perhaps the NFL could pick up the league. They are the next leading contender, and it makes sense for them too. A lower budget, development league alternative to the big Sunday game could work out nicely.

Third in the odds is McMahon himself. It seems unlikely, as he’s denied any interest in buying himself out, but this competitive man my change his mind if the potential winning bid comes from a rival.

That rival could be Tony Khan, who owns rival wrestling promotion AEW. This rival billionaire has proven he has the guts to go to war with McMahon, and either of them bidding to win the league wouldn’t be a surprise.

A fun combination would be either the Sinclair Broadcasting Group, or some element of the Trump Family. The Trump’s are friendly with McMahon, so a winning bid from them wouldn’t be shocking, and they could use the league to stay relevant once political careers are done. But if not them, the very conservative Sinclair group might take the league in the same direction it was going anyway, discouraging kneeling and other things that make some Americans uncomfortable.

Who Will Purchase the XFL

Disney/Fox +180

NFL +250

Vince McMahon +400

Sinclair Broadcast Group +450

Shane McMahon +550

J-Lo/A-Rod +700

Turner Sports +800

Canadian Football League +1000

AEW (Tony Khan) +1000

Mark Cuban +1100

The Rock +1200

Michael Jordan +1500

Eric Bischoff +1800

Eddie DeBartolo +2000

The Fertitas +2500

The Trump Family +5000

Dan Snyder +10000

Odds care of MyBookie