Captivating customers: Wiraya, the leading customer activation software provider, partners with customer experience marketing agency, A GAME ABOVE


Wiraya and A GAME ABOVE are proud to announce their agreement of a long-term strategic partnership to enhance customer acquisition, retention and reactivation solutions by packaging brand client products with A GAME ABOVE promotions and Wiraya’s powerful communications platform to increase customer relevance and effectiveness, across many industries.

make-customers-believe--minThe combination of Wiraya’s data-driven software and communications platform, allied to the customer experiences produced by A GAME ABOVE, makes for a powerful sum of the parts, transforming transactions through gamification to surprise, delight and celebrate customers.

“Wiraya is constantly innovating to ensure precise and successful communication at scale. We’re excited about the partnership with A GAME ABOVE as their sales promotions are being uniquely tailored to deliver gamified communications flows through our technology, offering the right customer experience, to the right customer, via the right channels and messages, at the right time. Working together enables us to further improve customer lifetime value for the benefit of our shared clients, both current and future,” said Johan Jardevall, CEO of Wiraya.

“Since our launch, we have shown how our customer experience promotions gain, retain and maintain consumers across the lifecycle – we are delighted to have agreed a partnership with Wiraya and the shared work across the teams has already produced a clear obsession with perfecting customer experiences that engage, enhance lifetime value and extend lifecycle,” said Steen Madsen, CEO of A GAME ABOVE.

Wiraya and A GAME ABOVE both have broad footprint throughout Europe and the strategic partnership will further benefit from A GAME ABOVE’s recent entry into North America, with outreach to clients in the USA, Canada and Mexico being managed by Bill Pascrell, III, President of A GAME ABOVE North America. “Joining forces will allow us to create new and effective A GAME ABOVE customer stories, combined with Wiraya’s world-class software and communications, for North American consumers. I cannot wait to introduce our unique, combined offering to North America,” said Bill Pascrell, III.

A GAME ABOVE and Wiraya take a holistic approach to customer acquisition and retention, covering the full lifecycle, from onboarding through customer journeys and monetization, to long-term loyalty and retention, realized via unique customer sales promotions and data- optimised communications that help brands achieve full lifetime value potential, through engaged, entertained and sustainably managed consumers.

To learn more about making customer sales promotions a part of your marketing mix, across the right channels, with the right communications, to targeted customers, at the right time, please get in touch with Wiraya and A GAME ABOVE by visiting:


A GAME ABOVE create, sell and operate customer sales promotions for your brand, products and community.

These sales promotions – “stories” we call them – deliver:

  • Customer engagement
  • Customer lifecycle
  • Customer lifetime value

Our promotions literally provide a game above the flat transactional engagement most consumers experience today, particularly online.

Engagement with A GAME ABOVE sales promotions moves customers from casual, single purchase into a long-lasting relationship with your brand, products and community, whether online, brick and mortar or a combination of both.

A GAME ABOVE were recently shortlisted for consideration across three eGR B2B Awards categories: Best Acquisition & Retention Partner; Best Marketing & PR Supplier; and, Services Rising Star. The awards take place across July 21-23, 2020.

About Wiraya

Wiraya delivers a managed mobile customer communication software that engages and inspires your customer to act. Wiraya’s software does this with precision in the right channel at the right time at scale in critical moments throughout the customer lifecycle, generating previously unclaimed revenue.

This smart technology, together with Wiraya’s market-leading expertise, helps companies deliver the best experience for their customers and increase their customer lifetime value (CLV).

The challenges we solve:

  • Activate your customers
  • Engage your unresponsive customers
  • Proactively reduce churn and build loyalty
  • Inform & update your customers
  • Provide a better customer experience
  • Boost your CLV