CoinPoint networking party a wild success for blockchain and gambling


coinpoint-networking-party-a-wild-success-for-blockchain-and-gambling-videoThe gambling and Bitcoin industry make a natural pair, and sometimes they just need a special night to get together and realize what they mean to each other. Thanks to the CoinPoint Group, that night was February 6, 2020, when members of the blockchain world and gambling executives networked and partied together at the Crystal, in London.’s Becky Liggero Fontana was there to catch up with some of the key figures at the party.

CoinPoint has grown tremendously in recent years, and CEO and Co-Founder Oron Barber couldn’t be happier. “Well it’s grown amazingly, because the first year we have very few people coming and very few people wants to come and listen and to understand,” he said. “Today we have more than 250 people with amazing sponsors, with amazing projects, with amazing case studies. It’s really, really lifting off.”

The reason for having the networking night, just down the street from ICE London 2020, is pretty straightforward. “So the idea is to bring on project to show them what blockchain is doing already, how it works already in the gaming space,” he said. “And the other thing that we chose to bring on that the one that can make the decision, and they will be exposed to the technology, to the innovation, to the company that already part of this ecosystem, will be amazing.”

The Bitcoin Association Founding President was in attendance, and he immediately recognized the value of the evening. “My name is Jimmy Nguyen (pronounced Win), so I love wins and I love especially things that are win-win, a double win. And the iGaming industry and Bitcoin are a win-win together, but only if Bitcoin can massively scale with its original protocol, its original power, which is only possible with Bitcoin SV. So Bitcoin SV and iGaming are a win-win.”

The philosophy of Oron is basically bringing blockchain and gaming together, and the thing that we do is basically,” said the CEO of that site, Max Krupyshev. “So we help gaming clients to accept different cryptocurrencies, so basically enabling blockchain for their payments.”

Other attendees of the evening were making fast connections, and realizing all the different ways they could benefit from blockchain technology. “I think it’s the faster payments,” said Thomas Pellizzaro of Hooyu, when asked what was the first benefit he saw from Bitcoin. “Being able to check out, check out immediately is by interesting to me personally, but obviously there’s a lot of use cases around that, yeah you could use in whatever walk of life.

He also agreed that the evening was a wild success. “All sorts of people here. We found a few clients, we found a few customers we didn’t know were coming tonight, and some interesting people we can speak to as well.”