Mental Health and Esports: How to cope with coronavirus isolation


There’s never been a more important time for Esports players to stay mentally fit and healthy as during a compulsory lockdown. While much of the world is enjoying the novelty of a government-enforced period of isolation, posting videos, promoting their ability to construct basic homework needs for under 7’s and generally selling how great they are, for many gamers, the everyday life has become an imposed normality.

mental-health-and-esports-how-to-cope-with-coronavirus-isolation-minWith no ability to leave the house, however, are gamers more at risk of mental health problems than before the lockdown and perhaps ever before?

If so, it’s a very good thing that the video games mental health charity Safe In Our World which has been around since 2019 World Mental Health Day has launched a hub of information for information, support and advice around the Coronavirus or CVOID-19, however you might refer to the global pandemic. The site has launched with no huge fanfare but with a wealth of help for those affected and can be visited right here.

Safe in Our World is already very well known in the gaming community, with many top Esports players, veteran superstars and ambassadors speaking highly of the positive effects the charity has had around the world.

Leo Zullo, the Chairman of Safe in our World, was delighted to announce the COVID-19 Support Hub in a statement.

“As a charity, we’re doing our best to support those around us, and the wider industry. Whether working from home within the industry, or our players, everyone will be adjusting to a new normal. This dedicated hub is designed to signpost techniques to help deal with the challenge of isolation. We’ll continue to do everything we can to help.”

We’re full square and a build battle behind the efforts of Safe In Our World and we’ve thought of five quick ways to keep yourself feeling happy and mental healthy as you play some of the tournaments and events that are coming up in the Esports world.

1. Resist isolation & keep talking

While many people in the world are in isolation and away from loved ones, communicating with our friends and family has never been easier. With video conferencing tools such as Skype and Zoom vital to families in the Coronavirus crisis, there’s no reason to keep your communication levels anything other than high and frequent.

Elsewhere, you can always talk to the gaming community. There are millions of people just like you out there and they’d love to hear what games you’re playing, how you’re coping and what your favourite Esports are. Get talking!

2. Stay physically healthy

Maintaining your mental health is vitally important but it’s important not to forget that your physical health is intrinsically linked to your mental health. Go for your daily exercise – practicing safe social distancing where necessary – and keep your fitness levels up.

Your physical body is the gateway to your mind and vice versa. Don’t let yourself spiral. If you have a couple of days where you don’t manage to exercise or were feeling a little isolated, then get right back on the horse and get in touch with your inner and outer strength.

3. Eat well

Your inner strength can often come from eating well. Make sure that you keep a balanced diet and include a few treats that you know you’ll look forward to throughout the week – they’ll pick you up when you need it most.

While we shouldn’t be going out too much to the shops, on your infrequent visits to re-stock to appropriate levels, be sure to make sure that you have enough of each food group, being sure to have fruit and vegetables in your fridge. Stay healthy and you’ll stay happy on your controllers too.

4. Practice wellness and relaxation techniques

If you practice yoga, then you’ll already know of its restorative properties when it comes to body and mind. If you don’t already love it, then it’s a great thing to start while in lockdown.

The same applies to meditation, with just 10 minutes a day giving most new meditators a massive dose of peace and tranquility in their day that really benefits them – and their gaming!

5. Establish a routine

One thing many of us love and keeps us feeling happy is a routine. Of course, pre-Coronavirus, we all had a routine that was so much better tailored to our specific wants and needs but needs must in the midst of change.

Drawing up a new routine may be a daunting task, but if you break it down into days of the week then hours of the day then you’ll get there in no time at all and it can be of massive benefit to your mental health to know what you should prepare for.

Stay happy, maintain your mental health and above all, have fun and remain safe!