Poker Central and partypoker announce new online series


With online poker players flocking to play online during the Coronavirus climate we now live in, the announcement of a groundbreaking Poker Masters Online Series will come as great news to players around the world.

poker-central-and-partypoker-announce-new-online-series2With over $15 million in guarantees across 30 events, the Online Poker Masters will feature high roller events from start to finish, with buy-ins ranging from $10,300 in most events up to $51,000 in the $2 million guaranteed Main Event, which takes place on Sunday 26th April.

With the series taking place from Sunday 12th April and lasting 15 days from top to tail, there are three very big Sundays to look forward to, with the collaboration between poker brands partypoker and Poker Central one that makes poker history.

The Managing Director of partypoker, Tom Waters put out a statement declaring, “We are pleased to be able to give players the chance to continue doing what they love and play the tournament in online format. The Poker Masters brand carries significant weight in the poker community, and we believe this innovative online format will be appealing for fans and players alike.”

As ever, the winner of the Online Poker Masters Series will receive what all Poker Masters win, the much-coveted Poker Masters purple jacket. It’s clear that partypoker aren’t the only ones looking forward to the Poker Masters moving online. Poker Central’s President, Sam Simmons, said: “We know partypoker is the right landing spot for our tournament brand to evolve into a new format. We value this partnership as a way to bring the poker community together in these uncertain times.”

Much has been made of how there are live events being cancelled, but as Poker Central and partypoker have proved, these events can be run remotely and while some of the surrounding extras that accompany live events will be missed, the art of playing top quality poker and for poker fans, watching it and reading all about the drama the next day cannot be taken away by the isolating nature of life during the health crisis. With previous trips to the Bahamas and central Europe now looking like they might be under threat as live tour stops, any collaboration rather than cancellation must be seen as a good thing.

Here’s the full schedule of events. Are you planning on playing? With million up for grabs, the satellites will be juicier than a basket of nectarines.

MILLIONS Sochi Event #6 $100,000 No Limit Hold’em final table results:

EventDateK.O. (GMT)Event DetailsGuaranteeBuy-in
1Sun 12th Apr18:00NLHE/8-Max$500,000$10,300
2Sun 12th Apr21:00NLHE/6-Max$250,000$10,300
3Mon 13th Apr18:00NLHE/8-Max$500,000$10,300
4Mon 13th Apr21:00NLHE/6-Max$250,000$10,300
5Tue 14th Apr18:00PLO/6-Max$500,000$10,300
6Tue 14th Apr21:00NLHE/6-Max$250,000$10,300
7Tue 14th Apr18:00NLHE/8-Max$500,000$10,300
8Wed 15th Apr21:00NLHE/6-Max$250,000$10,300
9Thu 16th Apr18:00NLHE/8-Max$500,000$10,300
10Thu 16th Apr21:00NLHE/6-Max$250,000$10,300
11Fri 17th Apr18:00PLO/6-Max$500,000$10,300
12Fri 17th Apr21:00NLHE/6-Max$250,000$10,300
13Sat 18th Apr18:00NLHE/8-Max$500,000$10,300
14Sat 18th Apr21:00NLHE/6-Max$250,000$10,300
15Sun 19th Apr18:00NLHE/8-Max$500,000$10,300
16Sun 19th Apr21:00NLHE/6-Max$250,000$10,300
17Mon 20th Apr18:00PLO/6-Max$500,000$10,300
18Mon 20th Apr21:00NLHE/6-Max$250,000$10,300
19Tue 21st Apr18:00NLHE/8-Max$1 million$25,500
20Tue 21st Apr21:00NLHE/6-Max$250,000$10,300
21Wed 22nd Apr18:00NLHE/8-Max$1,000,000$25,500
22Wed 22nd Apr21:00NLHE/6-Max$250,000$10,300
23Thu 23rd Apr18:00PLO/6-Max$1,000,000$25,500
24Thu 23rd Apr21:00NLHE/6-Max$250,000$10,300
25Fri 24th Apr18:00NLHE/8-Max$1 million$25,500
26Fri 24th Apr21:00NLHE/6-Max$250,000$10,300
27Sat 25th Apr18:00NLHE/8-Max$1 million$25,500
28Sat 25th Apr21:00NLHE/6-Max$250,000$10,300
29Sun 26th Apr18:00$2m Gtd Main Event$2 million$51,000
30Sun 26th Apr21:00NLHEE/6-Max$250,000$10,300