Matevz Mazij on what Oryx Gaming is doing in new markets


The gambling market is definitely growing, and as operators open up and expand into new markets, there’s a high demand for content. Oryx Gaming has plenty to offer them, and CEO Matevz Mazij joined our Becky Liggero Fontana to discuss their products.

Oryx global team has plenty of experience helping operators get started, and they have the type of platform that can help a start-up become a contender. “We’ve actually launched 121 operators brands across 45 operators,” Mazij said. “We have also launched a revamped aggregation platform, we now call it Oryx Hub.”

With turnkey solutions, and new offerings coming all the time, Mazij noted that operators from new markets can get started quickly. “We’ve introduced new features, new functionalities there that allow us to also run marketing much better on the operators, our marketing much better deliver content, much more efficiently,” he said. “At the same time we have launched our first brand in Colombia. We have entered the Romanian market and so on and so forth.”

While Colombia and Romania are great, getting into the lucrative U.S. market has to be the feather in Oryx Gaming’s cap. “It’s a huge game changer for us,” Mazij admitted. “The first agreement with the U.S. client, Seneca Gaming, we’re hoping for more agreements like that. I’m sure we’re going to be able to announce more of those in 2020. I think U.S. has a great potential, both for us and for the operators. Kanbi partnership jas obviously been a great partnership to work on. Kanbi is a great established company, jas a great footprint in the United States, and we’re super happy to work with them.”

The future is looking bright for Mazij’s firm, and Fontana Liggero asked what they are looking forward to. “Well we’re working very hard on getting clients in the regulated markets,” Mazij said. “We’re licensed and certified for Spain. You’re going to see Spanish clients being on-boarded onto our both aggregation platform and in the content. We are going to go strong into new markets such as Colombia, like I mentioned before, and United States, and we’re hoping for more regulation to happen across Europe and across Latin America, which, you know these are the two main revenue generating markets right now. Like you mentioned, we’re hoping for further regulative developments in the U.S. for their state regulation be introduced as we speak, and we hope for that to happen even more in 2020.”