Top 10 eSports team hit $235.5 million in Dota 2 prize money


The year 2019 has brought a significant profit for the most successful eSports teams, with more than 4.000 tournaments and $211 million worth prize pools. Dota 2 made a large part of that amount as the highest-paid single game in the world. According to data gathered by, the top 10 eSports teams earned $235.5 million worth prize money by competing in Dota 2 tournaments so far.

OG, Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses Earned $75.8 Million in Dota 2 Tournaments

Based on tournament results, player transfers, and other revenue sources, the list of top-ranking teams shows that playing Dota 2 brings the highest earnings in the eSports world.

OG is the leading eSports team in terms of the highest single-game earnings. The OG team members competed in 53 Dota 2 tournaments and won $33.4 million so far. Team Liquid ranked second on this list with $22.6 million worth prize money from 85 Dota 2 tournaments. With $19.8 million earnings from competing in 109 Dota 2 tournaments, Evil Geniuses took the third place on the list of highest single-game team earnings.

Dota 2 Prize Pool Jumps to $34.3 Million in 2019

In 2019, the Dota 2 prize pool reached an incredible $34.3 million worth, which is the highest amount ever offered for a single eSports event. The statistics show that Dota 2 tournaments delivered the top five largest eSports prize pools so far. Since 2015, the combined prize pools of International tournaments reached $123.5 million value.

The Fortnite World Cup Finals 2019, Solo and Duo, follow with $30.3 million in prize money. LoL 2018 World Championship ranked as the ninth highest-paid eSports event in the world, with a $6.4 million wort prize pool.

PUBG Global Championship 2019 brought nearly $6 million worth prizes or almost six times less than the leading International 2019.

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