Konami Holdings sees 16% jump in revenue

Konami Holdings sees 16% jump in revenue

The latest financial data for Konami Holdings Corp. has been released by the company and things look good. According to its latest report, the gambling equipment giant saw $137 million for the interim six-month period that wrapped up September 30, representing a 16.2% increase from a year earlier. Profit from its gaming and systems operation was $15.74 million, a 4.1% year-on-year increase.

Across its Asian operations, Konami saw even better growth, as this segment increased by 32.9%. During the previous period, the company took in $27.77 million, but this figure jumped to $37.03 million in the latest six-month window.

One of the biggest reasons for the improved performance has been the company’s KX 43 cabinet products. These have been continuing to drive up sales and the Concerto line, which includes the Concerto Opus, have also been received well and have been distributed to all of the company’s markets. Konami explains, “The ‘KX 43’ continues to drive sales while the Concerto series of cabinets including the ‘Concerto Opus’ were sold across North America, Oceania, Latin America and European markets. Popular title ‘All Aboard’ delivers strong performance in Oceania.”

The Synkros casino management system produced by the company has been received well, also. Konami indicates that it has “continued to be introduced steadily into major casino operators, including casinos at large cruise chips in service around the world.” Synkros recently got an upgrade, as demonstrated at the recent Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, that includes a biometric tracking solution.

Overall, however, Konami suffered slightly as a whole. Across all of the company’s operations, its revenue was $1.12 billion, which is a small, 0.9% decrease from the same period the previous year. As a result, profit for the group slipped by 11.6%, settling in at $140.73 million for the period.

Konami’s recent improvements with its gaming operations are part of the reason the AGEM Index has been stronger. The index reached 500.69 points in September, which indicated a 5.8% month-over-month increase. It was also a 1.6% progression above what had been seen in September of last year.

If everything goes according to plan, the next six months will be much better. Konami expects to end the fiscal year on a high note, increasing its revenue and operating profit by substantial margins. As a result, investors would see a nice boost with dividends increasing over the period, as well.