Affiliate Conference & Expo (ACE) 2019

Bhavesh Parthi, Head of Affiliates, Oppa888

For over a decade, Bhavesh has been operating on both sides of the coin. Starting out as an affiliate himself, then moving onto managing a group of other affiliates, to where he is today – heading up an entire department dedicated to affiliates and affiliate marketing.

Not only does he need to manage his department, who themselves manage hundreds of affiliates, he also needs to be up-to-date on the latest trends, latest SEO and marketing techniques and an in-depth understanding of each market, all needed just to give him and his affiliates an edge over the competition.

The much anticipated Affiliate Conference & Expo (ACE) 2019 is taking place from 21 to 22 November 2019 at the Solaire Resort & Casino in Manila. Purchase your tickets now and profit through a 50% discount on delegate passes only until 25 October. Don’t miss out on this chance to be part of a wide network of marketing experts and to learn the tricks of the trade in digital marketing, e-commerce, and more!

We were also able to sit down with Bhavesh Parthi to get his insights into the following:

1. How can brands choose the right affiliates? What are some of the major considerations? Choosing the right affiliate is sometimes like throwing everything- including the kitchen sink- at the wall and see what sticks. In fact, there is no such thing as the “right” affiliate as every affiliate comes with different styles, tactics and ability. In the end, it boils down to several key points, such as:


The brand and affiliate has the same mentality and understanding when it comes down to generating revenue, as some affiliates may resort to “unethical” methods of getting traffic and revenue.


A key element to ensure a good and prosperous relationship is constant communication and understanding of the affiliate’s language and culture.


Things can go wrong, and they will go wrong; so understanding between all parties is a must.

2. What are some of the key indicators that will help brands evaluate how effective an affiliate is?

Personally interviewing affiliates is a must so that you can better understand their abilities. Key indicators to look for are:

An in-depth understanding of the target market, brand and strong enthusiasm are just some of the factors a brand should look out for. In the end, a quick personal interview is the best way to better understand your potential affiliate. Plus, it’s always good to put a face to a username.

3. How can brands maintain good relations with affiliates/publishers?

Communication, understanding and friendship.

Brands should never see their affiliates as drones. Each affiliate is a living breathing human being. Treat them as you would treat a friend and let the friendship grow.

Transparency and keeping promises and schedules are also good methods to maintaining a healthy relationship.

4. Would you consider social media influencers as affiliates? How do influencers make an impact in the affiliate marketing industry?

affiliate-conference-expo-ace-2019-prashant-kala3Yes, in my opinion social media influencers are in fact some of the most effective affiliates, albeit also the most expensive.

They’ve already built a following, they understand their fans well enough and vice-versa. So when an influencers is willing to work with you, they understand that your brand would be beneficial to their fans.

5. What, for you, are some of the major affiliate marketing trends that brands need to be aware of now?

Without a doubt, mobile friendly and online reviews.

Always ensure your brand and your product are mobile-friendly. There is no point having a website with the greatest deals in the world but people can’t view it properly on their mobiles.

Reviews still carry a lot of weight especially ones which aren’t easily manipulated or faked. So always allow and encourage reviews, be it good or bad as they carry a tremendous amount of weight when it comes to a sale.

6. What can participants expect from your discussion? A better understanding into how to recruit and treat your affiliates because I firmly believe that if a brand does not take care of its’ affiliates, the brand is losing out on a lot of revenue.

7. What do you think participants will gain from ACE 2019? The importance of today’s online universe where anything and everything can be viewed, enjoyed, bought and sold.

The online world is changing every second of every day; ACE will help brands better understand how to tap into that huge ever-evolving dimension through effective marketing and enthusiastic affiliates.

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