Andrey Kuznetsov, CEO, KamaGames V27/Sports betting quotes


“This latest update introduces a host of new features that we’re positive will drive strong engagement throughout the Pokerist community. We’ve returned to existing mechanics such as our Lottery andrey-kuznetsov-ceo-kamagames-v27-sports-betting-quotessection to see how we could improve the player experience, but as always, we know the importance of giving players new innovative, high-quality content to interact with. That’s where our new Social Sports Betting feature comes in.”

“We’re constantly looking at new avenues for innovation in the social casino landscape and our Social Sports Betting feature is a prime example of that. We strongly contend that social sports betting will appeal to players in the same way our social casino games do, allowing them to enjoy the thrill of wagering on live events but without the stress or risk associated with real money betting.”

“The inclusion of esports in our Social Sports Betting feature was very important to us. No one could have failed to notice the impact that the genre has had on gaming in recent years and there’s significant overlap between those with an interest in traditional sports and esports. We think our players will be very excited by the addition and this is an area we hope to expand on in the future.

“We believe the Casino Guide will be a useful avenue to ensure our players engage with every exciting feature that Pokerist has to offer. Pokerist hosts a vast portfolio of unique titles and players that visit the Casino Guide may even discover a new favourite game that they never would have found otherwise.”

“Features contained in this update, such as the subscription option and referral program, are very important to KamaGames for a number of reasons. With the subscription model, we wanted to focus on new ways to allow players to play the game as regularly as they would like. As Pokerist is primarily a social game, this included rewarding players with chips for bringing new players into the app’s community and interacting with them.”