GGPoker go from a draft to a hurricane with the $50m GTD GG Series 3


GGPoker is pulling out all the stops with a $50m Guaranteed Good Game Series 3 schedule to run in parallel with PokerStars’ World Championship of Online Poker. 

ggpoker-go-from-a-draft-to-a-hurricane-with-the-50m-gtd-gg-series-3Imagine you’re the wind. Not a big wind, but a little wind that lives in say, Walsall. After reading some self-help books, you decide to set a goal – not a common goal, but a stretch goal.

A stretch goal has to challenge the pants off you, while at the same time being attainable. If you’re the Walsall wind, you might choose to become a gale. What you wouldn’t do is try to become a hurricane. That would be crazy capriciousness of the highest order.

GGPoker is like that Walsall wind.

In 2013, as Lance Armstrong prepared to bare his soul to Oprah Winfrey, and India sent their first Orbiter to Mars, the GGPoker Network launched in Asia.

Six years later, and it’s the largest online poker network in the world, and ranked #3 in terms of online poker traffic according to the data crunchers at Poker Scout.

At the back end of 2018, after drinking thousands of players into its current, the GGPoker Network decided to host their first online festival. The Good Game Series (GGS) launched with 129-events and $3.5m in guaranteed prize money. Hong Kong’s “Peleus34” topped a field of 588-entrants to win the $500 buy-in, $250k GTD GGS Championship for $48,711. Bryn Kenney finished runner-up to Mexico’s “NOMAMES” in the $25k, $500k GTD Super High Roller.

The series was an unmitigated success with 26,975-entrants creating a prize pool of $4,571,196, and the team was so excited it held it’s second series five-months later.

As is bog-standard with these things, GGS 2 increased the number of events from 129 to 157 and raised the $3.5m guarantee to $10m. It was ambitious but doable. The GGPoker team smashed it with 61,453 entrants creating $13,855,084 in prize money.

The $250 buy-in, $500k GTD GGS Championship attracted 2,594-entrants. ‘CaptainTapok’ from Russia beat Andras ‘PokerBluff1’ Nemeth, heads-up, to win the $86,261 first prize. Nemeth went into that final having already banked $475,311 for winning the $25,000 event. GGS 1’s $25k winner, ‘NOMAMES’ won a $10,000 buy-in High Roller for $178,729.

You’ve cracked your $3.5m guarantee and clobbered your $10m guarantee. Where do you go from there? $15m? $20m? $25m?

How about $50m?

Yup, someone has fired a rocket into the brain of GGPoker, and the warhead is ricocheting around the nerve endings, causing all sorts of madness.

GGS 3, runs Sep 8-29 (in parallel with PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker {WCOOP}), and there will be 478-events and $50m in guaranteed prize money.

The price points range from $5 to $25k, but the $5k, $10k and $25k events are so numerous, I got bored, and stopped counting after 46 $5k events, 36 $10k events, and 8 $25k events.

The $250 buy-in GGS Championship sees its guarantee double to $1m when it takes place on Sep 29. Weekly leaderboards will dish out cash prizes worth $7,500 (High), $3,500 (Mid) and $1,000 (Low), and there are thousands of T$ to be won for the Series Leaderboard winners.

Shut those doors, close those windows, and batten down the hatches.

A hurricane is coming.

Here is the full schedule.