Gaming supplier Jade Entertainment increases Asian footprint

Gaming supplier Jade Entertainment increases Asian footprint

Jade Entertainment and Gaming Technologies, Inc, a casino gaming floor product supplier based in the Philippines, is hoping to become a major player in the Asian market. The company is ready to take the region by storm, offering a complete line of products for casinos that make it, in Jade’s words, a “one-stop shop” for casinos looking to outfit their venues.

Gaming supplier Jade Entertainment increases Asian footprintGGRAsia conducted an interview with Jade’s founder and CEO, Joe Pisano, who asserted that the company now has “the product range to fully fit out a casino.” He added that it can supply an array of products, including traditional gaming tables, RFID-capable tables, gaming systems, redemption terminals where players can cash out their winning, and more.

To help with its expansion plans, the company has been able to establish offices across the region. Pisano indicates, “We now have offices in Malaysia, Vietnam, Macau, the Philippines. We plan to expand into Australia, so I’m going through licensing in Australia.”

The executive adds that Jade is capable of servicing large or small venues. It was recently tasked with outfitting the Corona Resort and Casino on Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam and Pisano explains, “A lot of such places are new to the industry. We can provide them with a lot of services and support. Or we can supply the larger properties, where we now have a very big tech team.”

The result of the company’s efforts marks a possible paradigm shift in how casino operators source their products. Exclusivity that required multiple suppliers and multiple agreements could be making way for companies that can supply virtually all a casino’s gaming needs under one roof, creating an efficient and cost-effective outfitting opportunity.

Jade is beginning to incorporate products that are built on newer technologies not previously seen in the gaming industry, such as artificial intelligence. Pisano explains, “We’re looking at some casino management-type systems. We work with an AI company, out of Berkeley [California] and we have formed another company. At the moment we are working out what we want to do with it [the technology].

“With the technology we have, we can determine your [the player’s] age, your mood, whether you are male, female. We can track you. We can incorporate sensors. Computers now have eyes and ears.”