Carousel Group’s Daniel Graetzer on being the new kid on the affiliate marketing block


There’s a new kid on the block, and it’s already getting lots of interest among affiliates. iGaming startup Carousel Group is gearing up to launch its two flagship brands, and, and in this interview with’s Becky Liggero, founder and CEO Daniel Graetzer discusses what makes their affiliate program special.

The Carousel Group has been recruiting some of the best affiliates from around the world to promote its brands via the recently launched Carousel Group Affiliates program. Graetzer explains:

“I think what’s most special about the affiliate program is it’s not so much the affiliate program although we are offering some great early signup bonuses. It’s the fact that the power of the brands behind them, the business behind it, you know. We are a startup company, we bring behind us a lot of power and a lot of weight. We’ve got our own platform, our own technology, our own trading team. We got fantastic brands, we’ve got our own unique take on product and user experience so we are offering something fresh and exciting to the industry so hopefully affiliates will see the value in that and come on board with us.”

The launch of the Carousel Group Affiliates comes ahead of the rollout of the company’s two new tier-1 global betting brands. is being positioned as the “ultimate destination to bet on global sports,” while is a dedicated platform for racing enthusiasts.

Graetzer, along with other members of the Carousel team, were recently at the London Affiliate Conference (LAC), where they talked with delegates and affiliates about the company’s brands. And the event was, in Graetzer’s words, “actually pretty cool.”

“I’ve been coming to ICE for many years, it’s actually my first time on this side of the fence at LAC. You know, I didn’t know what to expect so I heard some crazy things about affiliates. It’s actually pretty cool, I’m enjoying it. I’m quite happy to be away from the menace of the giant ICE and being in a bit more of an intimate setting and a bit more fun, you know, a bit more action over here at LAC,” he noted.