partypoker news: Diamond Elite cracked; $20m GTD take 2; Greenwood title


Three stories from the second largest online poker room in the world including a Russian winning the Diamond Elite SPINS promotion in only 58-days, MILLIONS Online $20m GTD part 2 in the pipeline, and a POWERFEST win for Sam Greenwood.

partypoker-news-diamond-elite-cracked-20m-gtd-take-2-greenwood-titleWhen partypoker launched the Diamond Elite program in February, the thought ‘how do you create $200,000 in rake through a 12-month period,’ must have entered your head (along with how you were going to cure your impotence, why you don’t get art but love walking around The Louvre, and Luxembourg).

Now we know.

A Russian poker player, based in Malaysia, has raked $200,000 across partypoker SPINS games, and it’s only taken him 58-days. Think of a two-month silent meditation retreat, just at this one, you 12-table, 10-16 hours a day.

‘sp0ubledy’ is, therefore, the first Diamond Elite member, and picks up the pickles and perks that include 100% cashback fixed until 31 January 2020, $100,000 in cash, free entry into the 2019 MILLIONS Online, and a VIP package for the Caribbean Poker Party in the Bahamas.

The SPINS Diamond Elite promotion was one prong of a two-pronged promotion. The other half being the same pimped up princess giveaway to the person who can rake $200,000 at the site’s cash game tables within a 12 month period. “I_AGAINST_ALL” currently leads that race, with over $80,000 earned in rake thus far.

MILLIONS Online $20m GTD Take Two

Last year’s record-breaking MILLIONS Online run may have felt like rubbing your balls or boobs on sandpaper for the partypoker backroom staff, but it was well worth it after 4,367-entrants (2,190 unique) created a $21,835,000 prize pool in the $5,300 buy-in event.




At the ready.

They are going for it, again.

PokerFuse was the first to break the news – as they always seem to these days – and partypoker has since confirmed it, posting the bare necessities on the website.

Place ‘busy’ in your Google Calendar Nov 24 through Dec 4, because those are the dates. Everything else is as secretive as back acne, although PokerFuse has lodged the idea in our minds that the buy-in may double to $10,000 aligned with the MILLIONS LIVE buy-ins.

We will bring you more news when PokerFuse breaks the news.

Sam Greenwood Wins a POWERFEST Biggie

Sam Greenwood can grow a beard that’s so impressive, if you chopped off his head and turned it around, it would look as spanking as a Pulp Fiction inspired Samuel L. Jackson afro.

It’s not his only spark of genius.

This weekend, Greenwood slapped on his Super High Roller sweatband, stocked up on turkey-mayo sandwiches, and pots of tea, and settled down for an online grind.

It was a good one.

The biggest buy-in event of the weekend was the $5,200 buy-in, $500,000 Guaranteed POWERFEST Championship Event, and Greenwood topped a field of 141-entrants to bank the $162,079 first prize.

Jonathan “proudflop” Proudfoot (5th), and Joao “joaosimaobh” Simao (6th) also made the final table.