ASEAN Gaming Summit 2019 Day 1 highlights

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Manila, one of Asia’s leading gambling destinations, hosts the third ASEAN Gaming Summit. Gathering large players from the online gaming and integrated resorts sectors, the three-day conference aims to discuss the growing Asia gaming market, the emerging technologies and evolutions, and the challenges within the space and its possible solutions.

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The first day kicked of with a keynote speech from one of the world’s celebrated entrepreneurs. Jay Walker, founder and chairman of Walker Digital and also one of the fastest self-made billionaires,  has founded and managed multiple successful startups and business in various sectors including medical, tourism and technology fields. Walker opened the day on how ‘Ten Super Forces,” which comprises of new technologies, are transforming the gaming industry as a whole.

Walker, who also owns WDTS – a company that innovates and develops product for the Asian gaming market, ended his speech reminding the audience to be prepared of the speeding change. He added, “We are best positioned to take it (gaming industry) forward even with regulatory challenges.”

Earl Halle, CEO of Axesnetwork – an information cloud management system – followed with a session on blockchain. He shared his concern on how the technology is emerging into the gaming space stating the industry’s understanding of the technology is still immature. He advised companies that the best way to leverage this is to first, learn the nature of the technology before venturing into it.

“Blockchain is amazing, I am an evangelist of it. But having said that, the starting point is tell me what your risk is, tell me what opportunities. And from there we’ll see, does blockchain apply – yes or no,” Halle told

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