Satoshi Vision iGaming Practices VIP Party highlights

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On Thursday, February 7th, online gambling and Bitcoin enthusiasts were brought together under one roof for the Satoshi Vision iGaming Practices VIP Party organized by CoinPoint. This event took place during the ICE London and LAC conferences at the ExCeL, with a focus on educating iGaming professionals on Bitcoin SV (BSV) and the blockchain that powers it.

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“[BSV is] fast, its cheap, it is massively scalable, it is one of the only protocols which will allow you to process an unlimited number of transactions”, shared Osmin Callis, Business Development Manager for nChain, one of the party’s main sponsors.

“Other protocols might be dedicated to payments and do very, very well, but we can handle all kinds of data, its secure, its stable, the protocol does not change. Because it’s the original vision of what Satoshi Nakamoto was always trying to achieve, stability is built into the protocol which gives companies and businesses the confidence to build their solution on top, knowing that they can plan years, months ahead into the future”, she added.

In addition to learning about BSV and blockchain in general, guests were treated to an open bar, a special Bitcoin photo booth experience, nibbles and an exclusive, VIP networking setting.

“Its amazing this year because this time we have some amazing partners gathering us in this cozy atmosphere and we’re doing what we do best- we are helping people network, get together and talk about business, about crypto, blockchain and everybody’s starting to ask when is the next party, so we’ll be here next year as well”, CoinPoint’s Head of Marketing Denitza Alexieva shared with

Parties such as this one are critical for the growth of the BSV community and underscore the exciting intersection of online gambling and BSV, a natural fit according to’s Founder Calvin Ayre.

“I think we’re getting involved in the future here, so ICE is all about the gaming industry which a lot of us are a part of, but its how do you bring that new technology into it and where does it go from there”, party guest Michal Daly of Catena Media said.

“I think this event itself is about the pollination of a bunch of ideas coming together and a few of them will come out better and stronger and we’ll really have what is the future of the crypto industry”, he added.

Isle of Man Digital Agency’s Tony Ure, Head of eGaming was also in attendance on the night and he had some exciting news coming out of his jurisdiction to share.

“At the ICE show, we’ve just announced the launch of a blockchain office and a sandbox, so we’re creating a blockchain office to help the technology of the crypto currencies and blockchain to create business, fit in with the regulations and be compliant for the future, to help mold these guys who need help with it, but its very exciting because this is where its all happening”, Ure said.

When asked for his thought on BSV specifically, Ure sees a bright future ahead.

“It seems to be the dominant coin, it seems to be where everything is going, so the reason why I’m here is to find out more about it and what the experts think is going to happen”, he revealed.


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