London Affiliate Conference 2019 speakers focus on community

London Affiliate Conference 2019 speakers focus on community

The London Affiliate Conference 2019 is fast approaching. Scheduled from February 6 to 9 at ExCel London, the gathering will offer 20 talks on various affiliate-related topics, including two keynotes, Q&A periods and a debate.

London Affiliate Conference 2019 speakers focus on communityAffiliates can gain free entry, and will have plenty of opportunities to network and party it up with each other. In between these socializing events, organizer iGB Affiliate has brought together many of the top experts in affiliate marketing to speak to the gathered crowd.

On February 7, the talks kick off with, “Stockholm Syndrome or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Swedish Regulator,” which focuses on surviving the shift from illegal operators to a regulated environment. Attendees can then hit up the first Question Bingo before lunch, “M&A Mania: How to Know if your Business is Ready for Acquisition.”

To end the day, discussion will shift to cryptocurrency. Nina Kacharava will discuss the advantages of betting with digital currency in her talk titled “Capturing the Crypto Craze: What’s the Appeal of Bitcoin Casinos and How Can You Be Involved?”

February 8 kicks off with the first keynote address. Alvin Hussey will discuss affiliate campaigns for social media in his talk, “THE HOOK – The Power of Sharing: Adapting Brand Storytelling for Social.”

After a short morning networking break, attendees are treated to the second keynote address. Liza Dunning of AirBnB will talk about how her company created high quality engagement with their guests and hosts in, “The Hosts with the Most: How Airbnb Developed its Community-Led Content Strategy.”

The bar opens at 3:00 p.m., but the talks don’t stop then. A three-person panel will discuss the evolving world of streaming in, “Harnessing the Power of Social Media Influencers.”

The last talk before the iGB Affiliate Awards kick off will be delivered by Judith Lewis. She’ll discuss building a strong brand to increase engagement in her talk, “Finding Your Niche: How Diving Deep into Your Brand Increases Engagement with Customers.”

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