Tomobox announced the winner of prestigious SiGMA 18 Startup Pitch Competition

Tomobox announced the winner of prestigious SiGMA 18 Startup Pitch Competition

· Online Gaming Industry’s First Artificial Intelligence-Driven, Player Churn Alert System

· Leading online gaming providers have reported a significant uplift in revenue due to churn reduction and extended active playing days

December 12, 2018 – Tel AvivTomobox, an artificial intelligence (AI) platform provider for online gaming operators, once again demonstrated its leadership by winning the iGaming industry’s prestigious SiGMA 18 startup pitch competition.

Tomobox announced the winner of prestigious SiGMA 18 Startup Pitch CompetitionTomobox is the first real-time platform for identifying player issues and predicting churn to extend customer active playing time.

With ten leading startups selected to present at SiGMA out of 100 eligible prospects, Tomobox was announced as the winner of the competition pitch.

Among esteemed judge panelists were industry veterans Mellisa Blau and Simon Collins, as well as leading tech investors and influencers Carla Maree Vella and Igor Samardziski.

In the heat of growing competition, gaming operators spend significant sums of money to acquire new players, but keeping players engaged has become a challenge for many operators due to player mobility and competitive sign-up bonuses.

Operators are losing highly valued players due to lethargic and slow responding customer support. Understanding players and responding in real-time to customer issues has become vital to keeping them happy and playing.

Tomobox uses scientific methods based on machine learning to predict player churn in real-time. Leveraging an understanding of language through the analysis of player in-game chats and customer emails, combined with dozens of additional player data points, Tomobox helps agents identify and solve customer issues in seconds, not hours, to keep the player happy and content.

Ongoing data validation shows that in 65% of registered incidents, providing immediate player relief results in extended player time. Player complaints that appear in emails, chat support and in-game chats are identified automatically by Tomobox’s algorithms, in all languages.

Tomobox’s platform alerts the agent to player frustration, prioritizes churn probability and advises the agent on how to best address the player issue.

David Sachs, Tomobox CEO, said: “Keeping players at the table immediately translates into added revenue. In some cases, gaming platform owners and operators using Tomobox report an uplift of 30K-50K EUR per day, which is huge on any scale.

“We’re excited to partner with some of the leading online gaming providers to implement advanced AI to improve the player experience.”

Baruchi Har-Lev, Co-founder and Tomobox VP R&D, added: “We’ve made sure that onboarding new gaming operators and integrating into Tomobox is quick and efficient by using our secure RestAPI.  We’ve seen our customers up and running in a matter of hours, not days or weeks”.

About Tomobox

Tomobox is the first Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven concierge for online betting operators and casinos. It’s become super challenging to acquire new players, just to lose them in a whim of a second due to poor customer experience. Tomobox’s AI solves player issues in real-time, making sure they keep playing. Tomobox is backed by Nielsen Ventures and The Founders Group Tomobox leverages its proprietary machine learning algorithms to identify player issues in real-time and help agents solve incidents, uplifting revenues and extending consumer active playing time.


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