Joe McCallum: makes betting with crypto ‘as easy as possible’

Joe McCallum: makes betting with crypto 'as easy as possible'’s Becky Liggero spoke with’s Joe McCallum on how his site facilitates the use of cryptocurrencies for placing bets.

Customers of are versed in both sports betting and cryptocurrencies, according to Director of Sportsbook Joe McCallum. The platform utilizes the BTCXE exchange, where digital currencies are explained and can be purchased via fiat credit card.

“One thing we’re actually very good at is that we have a fantastic customer support team and a VIP team, who actually educate the customers when they come and say, ‘Can’t do this transaction, how do you do this?’” McCallum told

The team is ready to provide information to customers apart from what’s already available on the website. McCallum said, “Are you familiar with Bitcoin, yes or no? If you say no, ‘Would you like to understand more?’ And then we take them through it. So we try and make it as easy as possible.”

With numerous crypto coins available, has done its research on what the most popular coins are, and allows users to select a preferred payment method.

“Rather than bombard them with 16 or 17 different altcoins, what we do is, ‘Here’s my preferred coin,’ we make that as the default, so any time they come back, they’ll just use what they’re familiar with,” he said.

People in different parts of the world are catered to differently, which has helped acquire and retain more customers.

“In terms of jurisdictions, what we’re trying to do is focus on high adoption of cryptocurrency, and that’s been the driver in terms of what we’ve targeted. The World Cup actually helped us. One of the most popular countries with good football teams in the World Cup and cryptocurrencies… Brazil, came out on top, and we made Brazil our focus. So we actually targeted Brazil. Then Japan is one of the big ones as well, and the Japanese team is playing well, so we focus on that. So really, from a customer viewpoint in terms of the one team involved in the event and they had the currency, and we just put the two together. It was not rocket science,” McCallum said.