MicroMillions returns across .com and new Euro shared liquidity market

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PokerStars reveal the schedule for MicroMillions 14, including a $1m Guaranteed Main Event with a minimum of $100,000 reserved for the winner, and the PokerStars Southern European Shared Player Pool also experiences this teeny-tiny love bug for the very first time.

MicroMillions returns across .com and new Euro shared liquidity marketThere are many positive aspects of living the vagabond lifestyle. However, I’m a pessimist, salt and peppered with a healthy dose of cynicism.

I blame my parents; miserable fuckers, the pair of them. You hear a lot about Northern Soul; you hear less about The Northern Moan. It’s the biggest horror show on earth.

Slime in this ear.

Slime in that ear.


So I complain.


It’s a brain disease.

There are many things I can complain about as I prepare to head to Bali via Jeju and Tokyo. Little niggles like being killed by a mosquito carrying Dengue Fever, drowning in Japanese floodwater, or being caught up in a Korean War Part Du.

But the thing that pisses me off the most about this trip is I don’t get to watch Ant-Man v The Wasp.

I love the Marvel Universe (it’s more fulfilling than this one), and I’m still damp after my Infinity War experience. I’m gagging for it, but I can’t have it. The Americans have seen it. We have to wait. It’s killing me.

In the meantime, as I wait for the opportune moment to spend 240-minutes with the two smallest superheroes in the business, I think I will dip my imagination into a teeny-tiny something else.

MicroMillions 14 Returns: $100k Guaranteed for the Winner 

The greatest teeny-tiny buy-in online poker tournament the world has ever seen is back.

From July 16 until July 29, players who are as broke as me can compete for life-changing sums at pocket money prices, with the addition of two $30,000 Platinum Passes.

In case you’ve been suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, locked away in some dungeon somewhere for the past 50-years, a Platinum Pass is a free most-expenses-paid trip to the Bahamas to compete in the $25,000 buy-in PokerStars Player’s No-LImit Hold’em Championship.

Or the PSPC for short.

And you don’t have to be much of anything to win one.

Compete in five MicroMillions events, and PokerStars will enter your name into an All-In Shootout on July 31, with the top two players walking away with the Passes.

There are 121 events with buy-ins ranging from 11 cents to $22, and there will be random ticket drops in every game giving away more than $50,000 in free MicroMillions tournament tickets.

So sharp eyes everybody.

Click on the hypnotic blue words to access the full schedule. For the sake of brevity, here are the highlights.


16 July – Event #1: $3.30 NLHE PKO, $50k GTD
17 July – Event #10: $5.50 NLHE, $60k GTD
18 July – Event #18: $1.10+R NLHE Splash, $50k GTD
19 July – Event #27: $5.50 NLHE PKO, $80k GTD
20 July – Event #36: $3.30+R NLHE, $60k GTD
21 July – Event #45: $5.50 NLHE 8-Max, PKO, $50k GTD
22 July – Event #52: $3.30 NLHE PKO, $100k GTD
22 July – Event #54: $5.50 NLHE Half Price Sunday Storm, $200k GTD
23 July – Event #63: $5.50 NLHE PKO Zoom, $50k GTD
24 July – Event #72: $5.50 NLHE 8-Max, PKO, $60k GTD
25 July – Event #81: $3.30+R NLHE 6-Max, $60k GTD
26 July – Event #90: $5.50 NLHE 8-Max, $50k GTD
27 July – Event #99: $1.10+R NLHE Splash, $50 GTD
28 July – Event #108: $5.50+R NLHE 6-Max, $60k GTD
28 July – Event #115: $5.50 NLHE PKO, $100k GTD
29 July – Event #117: $22, $1m GTD Main Event, $100k for the winner
29 July – Event #119: $11 NLHE 8-Max, Turbo PKO, $100k GTD

PokerStars launched MicroMillions in March 2012, and it’s now one of the most popular pit stops in the online festival calendar. The inaugural festival comprised of 100 events, $5m GTD and 54,065 players competed in the $22 buy-in Main Event with Zabaleta1 earning $140,000 after a three-handed deal.

The MicroMillions 13 Main Event attracted 85,090 entrants (69,011 unique, 16,079 re-entries), totalling $1,701,800 in prize money, and dished out $95,829.86 to ElCheikh from the Netherlands after a three-handed deal (the player with the most money, korasidas77 from Greece finished third but earned $99,024.75.

MicroMillions Debuts in France, Spain and Portugal 

I’m not sure if the Marvel Universe is also shafting Ant-Man fans in France, Spain and Portugal, but if they are, then they’re also in luck.

MicroMillions makes its PokerStars Southern European Shared Player Pool debut with €2m guaranteed across 87 events ranging in buy-in from €0.50 – €50.

Highlights include the opening €1 rebuy event with a €50,000 guarantee; the €5 Micro Hercules phased event with 12 starting flights and a €100,000 guaranteed prize pool, and the €50 Main Event on July 29, featuring a €200,000 guaranteed prizepool.

Players can also gain entry into the Main Event via the €10,000 Depositor Freeroll on July 28. Deposit €10 or more using the code ‘MICROMILLIONS’ between July 9-28 to receive a freeroll ticket. The top 200 players win entry to the Main Event.


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