Darwyn Palenzuela: Live casino streaming offers a general feeling of trust

Darwyn Palenzuela: Live casino streaming offers a general feeling of trust

In this interview with CalvinAyre.com’s Becky Liggero, Extreme Live Gaming CEO Darwyn Palenzuela explains why some players prefer live streaming casino action as opposed to the studio environment.

One of the greatest gambling innovations developed in recent years is live stream casino games. Live casino games offer an as real as you can get experience without being there for casino players who just need to pull up a stream from their computer or mobile device.

Unlike RNG games, live dealer casinos create an atmosphere that makes players feel that they are really placing their bets at a live casino table.

Some players prefer seeing a dealer when playing online. It gives them a better sense of security.

The transparency that live casino offer is what makes the game very popular to players, according to Extreme Live Gaming CEO Darwyn Palenzuela.

“Generally, there’s a feeling of trust. I mean, that’s the general sentiment when when you talk about online gaming, especially live dealer. Is this a trustable product, especially if you talk about popular, hardcore gamblers where the size of their bets is quite substantial?” Palenzuela told CalvinAyre.com. “So, they want to ensure that there are no funny things going on. That’s why I think in a land-based, especially the ones that are established brands, has a lot of weight there for a place. They’re be able to, when they see it something familiar, they know the brand, if they know the environment itself, they have much more full trust on what they are placing their money on.”

Palenzuela noted that live casino gaming is much more popular in Asia compared with other jurisdictions, leaving plenty of opportunity for live dealer games to grow in regulated markets. The Extreme Live Gaming CEO is setting his sights on European countries for growth.

“We are really now focusing on the regulated markets, I think that is just a general trend of the online gaming industry. I think that paves the way for real solid growth for Extreme. That’s why we are focusing on the regulated markets,” the Extreme Live Gaming CEO said. “Novomatic, as the world knows, is predominantly land-based focused and they’re one of the biggest in Europe if not the biggest. Being part of the Group allows us to have a much more global reach, and to take advantage of their bases and their established brand.”