From Crypto to Weed: Scotty Nguyen signs a one-year deal with Canna Hemp

From Crypto to Weed: Scotty Nguyen signs a one-year deal with Canna Hemp

Scotty Nguyen, the Prince of Poker, is back in the news after securing a one-year licensing deal with a leading cannabis, hemp and CBD producer in Nevada to promote two Nguyen focused products. 

When Cryptonia Poker announced Scotty Nguyen as their brand ambassador, two things struck me like a blind paperboy on an off day – the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event champ has hired a publicist, and he or she isn’t very good.

From Crypto to Weed: Scotty Nguyen signs a one-year deal with Canna HempI tried.

I really tried.

But, for the life of me, I couldn’t see Nguyen sitting in his jim-jams trading cryptocurrency and playing online poker.

Smoking weed?

Now, that’s more like it.

I feel like I am treading on thin ice on this one given my limited experience smoking weed.


I am 16-years-old. I’m in a bedroom; red curtains make the room look like blood. Superduck is lying on the bed, with a few girls by his side. I sit with others in a circle, a can of Tenants Extra in my hand, and this massive spliff in the other. I take a drag, cough and puke.


I’m in my late 20s, in Amsterdam. I buy a joint from a coffee shop after drinking all day. I take two puffs, and when I walk outside my wife collapses on me. I think she’s dead because the red roses on her dress look like knife wounds. Someone puts her into an ambulance, and run down the street screaming that I need water or I will die.

Moving swiftly on.

Friday Night Inc., a cannabis, hemp and CBD producer based in Nevada, and their subsidiary Infused MFG, have signed Nguyen on a one year deal to be the face of two of their products.

Two Canna Hemp products will carry his unique brand signature:

“Focus Baby” disposable vape pen, and “Focus Baby” elixir.

The press release states that both products are CBD-infused, and created with a unique blend of terpenes (the hydrocarbons that provide the smell, and other side effects), while also declaring that the products also offer acute mental concentration properties. 

I don’t know.

Maybe a good night’s sleep, exercise and a proper diet will be better?

The products are available for purchase, today, either in a Las Vegas store or online at

Nguyen told the associated press that he had big goals for this year and that the Focus Baby line of products will ‘definitely help me reach those goals.’

Chris Rebentisch, President and CEO of Infused MFG, wrote about his excitement of having Nguyen on board for his ability to act as a gateway into the audiences at the WSOP.

I’m not sure how happy the WSOP would be about the affiliation, but having spent many years sitting next to people at WSOP poker tables stinking of the stuff, I would say it’s a very viable market indeed.

If you’re short of brass, look Nguyen up, I am sure he will set you up with a cryptocurrency account.