Josef Darmark: Online payments landscape is generally evolving

Josef Darmark: Online payments landscape is generally evolving

In this interview with’s Becky Liggero, Josef Darmark of Trustly shares how the company continues to inspire innovation in the workplace.

Innovation doesn’t happen naturally. It is the end product of ideas that have been sourced out from unusual places and events, which is why it is paramount for operators to create a space where ideas can be nurtured until it becomes ripe for the picking.

As Albert Einstein once said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

Joseph Darmark of Trustly said it is important for operators to create an environment where people can just sit and think of something that is fun in order to inspire innovation in the company.

To encourage their employees to contribute ideas to the company, Darmark pointed out that they hold a Hacker Day in Trustly—an event where anyone with creative ideas is given an opportunity to try new concepts, ideas and technologies in a fun, cross-team environment.

Though Hacker Days are tied with coding and developing, Darmark said everyone are encouraged to join and pitch their ideas.

“Innovation doesn’t happen naturally, so it is something we always speak about and it is something we always consider. We have various ways of working innovation. We are always conscious about innovation,” Darmark told “On top of that, I think we are an interesting area in terms of the whole landscape of payments online is generally evolving. So, there are lots of things happening that if you are just creative and innovative, you’ll find funny and interesting ideas to push for.”

Recently, the Swedish fintech company rolled out its ‘Uber for Gaming,’ a product called ‘Pay ‘N Play.’

Darmark said ‘Pay ‘N Play’ was launched to the market to change the way companies and people experience payments, removing the payment part away from the cashier. He added that their latest offering also removed the fact that players don’t have to register to start playing on betting sites.

“There are lots of things happening. In our case, in the Pay ‘N Play product, we are just telling merchants who they are. It is an interesting case of telling merchants more about their customers—what they can do and what their customers want already at the station deposits,” the Trustly executive said. “It is also interesting the movements across the globe in banking payments. We are also hoping to be able to push traffic from other countries than we already have today.”

When asked whether it sees cryptocurrency as a threat to their product, Darmark said that their position is quite well founded that they will remain unscathed by the digital currency.

“I think there are different views. Even countries have different views on cryptocurrencies and we will see where it takes us,” he said. “But today, it is not something that we are considering as a part of a product. We are working on the bank account and I don’t see that people with bank accounts are changing sometime soon. So, I think, our position is quite well founded.”