Michael Pedersen: Live streaming is the next big thing in gambling

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In this interview with’s Becky Liggero, Michael Pedersen of shares how live streaming will help replicate the social atmosphere of land-based casinos online. 

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Humans are by nature social animals. Even the most introvert person in the world will admit that social interactions may sometimes be a great source of happiness.

In land-based casinos, most players sit down at the blackjack table filled other players who are having fun. They may not directly speak to other players, but it’s clear that they often like to interact with the casino staff.

Michael Pedersen of noted that players enjoy indirect presence of others even if they don’t have particularly deep or regular contact with them. That’s why most online casinos are now trying to replicate that sort of atmosphere in land-based casinos.

To recreate that social atmosphere in online casinos, Pedersen said online operators should take live streaming of their offerings to new heights.

“So far, people are using it [live streaming] for casino dealings, so there will be some exciting stuff out there. Its social aspect, social features… there’s so much happening with Twitch. People, let’s say, wanting to socialize,” Pedersen told “We are trying to take that sort of social atmosphere from land-based and put that into online.”

Pedersen announced they are planning to launch their online casino brand by early 2018.

The new offering, according to Pedersen, is a product of their company’s end goal of creating a dynamic proposition for online casino players, combining the best in live streaming, social engagement and player gamification utilities.

Pedersen said their company’s advantage is that he and his business partner, Stefan Lind, both have the supplier and operator background being the former Scandinavian commercial lead for NetEnt and former operations lead at LeoVegas AB, respectively.

“I think that’s exactly the power that we have. We have seen the last four years with NetEnt in the supplier side and with Leo Vegas,” he said. “We have seen both sides of the coin and we know what works and what doesn’t. We have seen successes and things not working so much as well. So we think that when we combine these together, magic will happen.”


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