Save the Date: Inaugural Conference

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Online gambling operators interested in maintaining robust payment processing channels need to attend the upcoming CoinGeek bComm Conference, where eComm meets bComm!’s cryptocurrency-focused sister site has proudly announced the first annual CoinGeek bComm Conference, the only Bitcoin conference entirely devoted to what the world will look like with massive on-chain scaling on one public blockchain.

The CoinGeek bComm Conference will be the first international gathering focused on the marriage of eComm (electronic commerce) and bComm (Bitcoin commerce). This inevitable fusion of the Bitcoin ecosystem with the current online marketplace will usher in a new reality in which bComm forms an integral part of daily life.

A central theme of the gathering will be affirming that what we currently call Bitcoin Cash (BCC) is the one true form of Bitcoin, as it’s the only version designed to facilitate effective bComm, and thus the only version to stay true to the original intentions of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto.Save the Date: inaugural Conference

The online gambling sector was an early adopter of Bitcoin technology and remains a major driver of the overall Bitcoin economy. But Bitcoin and blockchain technology are undergoing seismic shifts, and gambling operators need to be aware of how the ground is shifting under their feet.

Many governments around the world, motivated either by puritanism or protectionism, have sought to prevent online gambling operators’ access to their markets by blocking website domains and, somewhat more effectively, by targeting operators’ access to traditional payment processing channels.

Bitcoin has proven an effective tool in ensuring gambling sites can continue to reliably deliver services to their customers. And the dramatically expanded blocksize of the new BCC technology is enabling operators to process customer transactions with much greater speed and significantly lower transaction fees.

The CoinGeek bComm Conference will kick off in Hong Kong on May 18, 2018, one day after the conclusion of the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) Asia conference in Macau, making the CoinGeek conference the perfect capper for G2E Asia attendees.

The CoinGeek bComm Conference also comes one week before CoinGeek founder Calvin Ayre’s 57th birthday and the eighth anniversary of the official launch of Calvin will be on hand to host the conference’s official party, which will feature the one and only Geek Girls, because changing the world doesn’t have to be boring.

Calvin’s parties have earned a well-deserved reputation as truly unmissable events, and the CoinGeek bash promises to be the Party of the Century (at least, until 2019’s party). But you have to attend the conference to gain entrance to the party, so start blocking off your calendar now.

The conference’s keynote speaker will be none other than Dr. Craig Wright, chief scientist at blockchain technology research and development firm nChain and one of the original pioneers behind Bitcoin and blockchain.

Calvin Ayre and Dr. Wright have forged a friendship over their mutual interest in Bitcoin, disruptive technologies, and belief in BCC’s power to change the world, thanks to its massive on-chain scaling capability and secure public blockchain to permit high transaction volume and super-low transaction fees.

Also speaking at the event will be’s Roger ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ Ver, while the role of Master of Ceremonies will be performed by none other than Jimmy Nguyen, NChain’s Chief Business Officer. ​

Further updates on the conference’s speaker list and event schedule will be made available by the new website, which will launch in the coming weeks. ​


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