Christoph Cemper: The primary SEO mistake that affiliates make is…

Christoph Cemper: The primary SEO mistake that affiliates make is…

In this interview with’s Becky Liggero, Christoph Cemper of LinkResearchTools (LRT) explains the importance of link building and how to do it right.

Gary Illyes, Chief of Sunshine Happiness at Google, once upon a time said “ranking without [external] links is really, really hard.”

Christoph Cemper of LinkResearchTools (LRT) took this saying to heart when he promotes the importance of external links in Google’s ranking algorithms and link building.

He pointed out that links could make a difference between affiliates making money and not making money on the web. Cemper said the chances of finding website ranking without external links is very rare.

“We use this in our marketing as well. We just need to repeat what Google tells us. We just need to follow this, and of course do it right,” Cemper told “Not every link is good, not every link can help you. That changes every month and every year. Just think about these things and research.”

The LRT executive also highlighted the primary mistake that most webmasters and operators are currently making – not checking if the website still has a no-index tag.

Cemper noted that his very simple problem had actually resulted to the closure of many businesses. He said that many affiliates go crazy about how nice the new website is that they tend to forget the technology.

As a result, Cemper said many affiliates lose 99 percent of their rankings because of the one word somewhere on the website code.

The simple problem, according to Cemper, is actually very easy to fix.

“You just go into the website and say ‘this needs to be indexed’ or you can use free extensions to link without trace extensions shows that in one point, it is a free extension that we publish on Google Chrome store or Firefox, you will see that immediately, it will just pops out and say you have not been indexed because it is such a popular mistake,” Cemper explained.

If there’s a piece of advice that he could impart to everyone on SEO improvement, Cempert said that affiliates should always be mindful of their links. He likened the disregard of links to someone who doesn’t go to the dentist.

“Keep in mind that whatever you hear, whatever you read, your website is your website and that is great. But it doesn’t stop there. Everything outside your website is so much more, I know it is so much more work, it is so much more time,” he said.  “If you’ve been with the business for 10 or even more years, that’s the asset you’ve built up over the years.”