Product Profile – Football INDEX

Product Profile – Football Index

In this interview with’s Becky Liggero, Mike Bohan of Football INDEX talks about why sports betting is somehow similar to stock trading.

Punters and stock investors always argue that sports betting and stock market investing are not the same bananas.

A gambler may say that putting money in the stock market doesn’t interest him since it is not as fun as betting on his favorite team. A stock investor, on the other hand, will say that he has never gambled in his entire life.

Truth be told, sports betting and stock market are similar in nature. Both activities require risking money in hopes of profiting from a positive outcome. If the result is negative, both gambler and investor lose their money.

At present, there are operators like Mike Bohan of Football INDEX who are attempting to converge the idea of investing and betting.

Football INDEX allows punters to buy footballers for real money, build a portfolio, earn dividends, trade players and sell at a profit.

“We are attracting sports betting customers but it is also attracting people interests in the city. It is kind of cross between binary and finance, forex, and also a sports betting element,” Bohan told

Unlike traditional sports betting, Bohan pointed out that Football INDEX offers an on-going bet on the value of the world’s top footballers. It also gives punters, according to Bohan, an active stake in the ever changing world of football.

“It is focused on giving people the opportunity to invest in knowledge in Football. So, whereas by 10 past three, on an average weekend, your accumulator is probably dead and buried. This bet kind of keeps on giving,” Bohan explained.  “You can revisit your money, you stay alive. You get involved with players, maybe that are up and coming, people are doing this in addition to sports betting, we are not really competing with sportsbook. Yeah, quasi-financial people are interested in this.”

Bohan said Football INDEX only accepts customers from the UK. Without mentioning any jurisdiction, Bohan said they are planning to expand their geographical marketing.

“Internally, we are hiring a number of roles – development right through marketing to customer support. We just launched an affiliate’s game with Trade Doubler to meet some affiliates and get some new partners on-board. I think, we’ve absolutely achieved that objective. We’ve had lots of interests in the product,” he said.