Poker player wins $500,000 after losing 24.2% body fat in 6-months

Poker player wins $500,000 after losing 24.2% body fat in 6-months

A poker player has won $500,000 in a prop bet after losing 24.2% body fat in 6-months thanks to backing from Dan Bilzerian, and Bill Perkins.

I don’t know what’s more remarkable?

John Hesp making the final table of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event, or Bill Perkins finally winning a prop bet.

Perkins and his prop bet buddy Dan Bilzerian backed their poker playing friend Walter Fisher when a gambling acquaintance offered Fisher a $100,000 wager that he wouldn’t get his body fat below 10% within six months.

Fisher’s weight spiraled out of control after mounting Blackjack debts led to him using food as a way of coping with the anxiety. By the time December 2016 rolled into town, Fisher was $100,000 in debt and had gained 50 pounds in weight to take him to the 245-pound mark.

After Perkins and Bilzerian had hopped on board, the wagering continued until a $1m ceiling was reached, with $500,000 heading into the coffers of Fisher, if he could achieve what seemed to be the impossible.

Poker player wins $500,000 after losing 24.2% body fat in 6-monthsFisher started out by trying to eat healthier, and taking in the odd run around the park when he realised he needed some professional assistance. The 36-year-old from Queens, New York, turned to the personal trainer, and founder of Premier Mind & Body in Los Angeles, Chris DiVecchio, and everything changed.

Here was the tale of the tape on 22 Dec 2016:

Total body fat 33%

Total mass 233.6 lbs

Fat tissue 77.1 lbs

Lean tissue 149.8 lbs

DiVecchio placed Fisher on a strict regimen of 30-minutes high-intensity training, seven days a week, increasing to 45-minutes, until eventually, Fisher was training like the devil 10-hours a day, including five hours of cardio.

After DiVecchio had realised that Fisher was burning muscle and not fat, he included a dietitian into the equation, changed Fisher’s diet, used a VO1 Max machine to maintain the optimal heart rate for burning fat, and they were back to work.

“I ate, rested, or trained,” Fisher told the New York Post

of his six-months military like performance.

These were his stats on June 22, 2017.

Total body fat 8.8% (decrease of 24.2%)

Total mass 179.7 lbs (decrease of 53.9 lbs)

Fat tissue 15.8 lbs (decrease of 61.3 lbs)

Lean tissue 157.2 lbs (increase of 7.4 lbs)

Fisher told the New York Post he has been paid in full and hopes to keep his weight between 195 & 205 pounds, with 13% body fat.

Dan Bilzerian Gets a Girlfriend 

Moving on from one unbelievable story to another, and the tabloid press is reporting that Dan Bilzerian has a steady girlfriend.

The 37-year-old revealed he was dating 21-year-old model Sofia Bevarly (just turned 21 this month) during an interview with Square Mile. The pair met at a pool party where Bilzerian had spent most of the day having sex with other women (three to be exact).

“Wasn’t exactly your storybook love at first sight,” Bilzerian told the rag. 

I bet her father’s very proud.