Alan King Lun Lau in charge of Day 1B Main Event; Kenji Haida triumphs the NLH 1Day #2

Alan King Lun Lau in charge of Day 1B Main Event; Kenji Haida triumphs the NLH 1Day #2

Poipet, Cambodia, July 4, 2017 – Hong Kong pro Alan King Lun Lau ended Day 1B of the APT Main Event in a position he has claimed a multitude of times throughout his poker career, at the very top.

Alan King Lun Lau in charge of Day 1B Main Event; Kenji Haida triumphs the NLH 1Day #2

Overall Chip Leader heading into Day 2, Alan Lau

Throughout the day, Lau was one of the players that kept his stack well above average. At round 7, he railed Japan’s Hisashi Ogi, denying Ogi the chance for a second APT Main Event title. While this helped boost his stack, Lau’s biggest customer of the day was Malaysian pro Sam Nee Aik Chuan.

When the field trimmed down to two tables, both players – Lau and Chuan – won some big pots to momentarily own the leader’s status but it was Lau who eventually edged Chuan during the final hands of the night. On a board of3♦ 5♦ 6♦ and a raised pot preflop before them, heavy betting followed. Lau kicked it off with a 1,500 bet, Chuan check-raised to 4,800, Lau replied with a 12K three-bet, Chuan pumped it up further to 23.3K, then Lau moved all in for an additional 62,750. Although Chuan had Lau covered, he couldn’t pull the trigger and folded while exposing his A♦. The final hand of the night also went to Lau to make him the only player with a six-digit stack of 106,450.

Despite Chuan’s big loss to Lau, he still ended Day 1B in second position with a healthy 90,275 in chips. Several hands prior to the final meeting with Lau, Chuan shipped in an enormous pile of chips by eliminating a player with his 7♣ 6♥ trips against K♦ Q♠ top pair on a board of 7♦ K♣ 5♦ 7♠ 10♥.

Other notable players making it through were Sam Ng, Kota Nakano, and past APT Main Event champion Linh Tran.

Today’s 13 survivors will merge with Day 1A’s 14 remaining players for Day 2 starting at 1pm on Wednesday July 5, 2017. The APT Southeast Asia 2017 has been running since Saturday July 1st at the DNA Star Vegas Resort & Club in Poipet, Cambodia. The ongoing festival is scheduled to run for a total of seven days, concluding on Friday July 7th.

Japan’s Kenji Haida wins the NLH One Day Event #2

Alan King Lun Lau in charge of Day 1B Main Event; Kenji Haida triumphs the NLH 1Day #2

NLH One Day Event 2 Champion, Kenji Haida

Another side event trophy was claimed today with Japan’s Kenji Haida triumphant at the second installment of the NLH One Day Event. Haida faced some top dogs at the start of the unofficial final table of ten players with Hailong Huang and Tetsuya Tsuchikawa backed by big stacks.

However, after the fall of a couple of players, a three-way showdown took place that instantly changed the ranking order. During the hand, one player had pocket eights, chip leader Huang had ace-king, and Haida with pocket jacks. When the board offered no goods, Haida jumped into the leader’s seat and from there he ruled.
Just before the bubble round, Tsuchikawa lost several costly pots and fell out of the running; shortly after, Haida delivered the bubble. With the final three players now in the money, Huang attempted to eliminate Kengo Ohashi with his King-Jack, but failed to do so with Ohashi’s 9-8 both pairing up on the board. Huang couldn’t recover and had to settle for 3rd place.

The final heads up round was very lopsided with Haida up 3:1 in chips. Haida used his arsenal to grind down Ohashi until the final hand arrived. Ohashi with A♣ 7♥ and Haida with A♠ K♥. The board bricked and Haida was the newest side event winner of the series.


1st Kenji Haida – Japan – USD 1,900
2nd Kengo Ohashi – Japan – USD 1,180
3rd Hailong Huang – China – USD 800