Chuck Nervick: Gambling industry faces rapid pace of change

Chuck Nervick: Gambling industry faces rapid pace of change

In this interview with’s Stephanie Raquel, MediaEdge Senior VP Chuck Nervick discusses the challenges that the global gaming landscape is facing.

Technology has made people’s lives better. Relationships are firmer and empires are built with a simple click of a button, thanks to the development of modern technologies.

The availability of modern technology has also changed the way people gamble. Players no longer need go to brick-and-mortar casino to wager because of the availability of online games. Integrated resorts are no longer exclusively about gambling but a place where families can relax and spend quality time.

These rapid changes in the global gaming landscape have been the highlight of this year’s Canadian Gaming Summit, according to MediaEdge Senior VP Chuck Nervick.

Nervick said the summit, which rotates to different Canadian region each year, was held for the purpose of educating different gambling operators on the latest trends in gambling in the face of changing technology. This year’s summit was held in Vancouver, Canada.

“There’s so much stuff going on in the gaming space right now, primarily with iGaming and online gaming. So our theme this year ‘rapid pace of change’ we thought made sense. Not only is the sort of traditional bricks and mortar changing into iGaming but also food and beverage and many other things like entertainment,” Nervick told “Patrons doesn’t necessarily need to come into the casino right nowadays and play games. They can come in and have a beautiful dinner. They can watch sports games, they can be entertained. So, that balance of gaming revenues and non-gaming revenues is coming to an interesting head and that has been covered well at show this year in terms of education.”

He said the attendees of the recently concluded event were mostly lottery corporations, casino owners and operators, bingo halls, horse tracks, and “those individuals that come out to the gaming show to see the booths, to talk to the suppliers.”

“[Show attendees] go to our education program, which is phenomenal, as well as some networking events. That’s basically the reason why we have the summit,” Nervick said.

When asked what operators can expect in next year’s Canadian Gaming Summit, the MediaEdge executive said they will be coming up with interesting plans as a result from the input they received from exhibitors and delegates.

“So, I think for next year, we’ve already had really cool ideas of bringing more activity to the trade floor. We have ideas of on the educational front, I think basically, for most part, we ask lottery corporations and casino operators ‘what is it that you want at the show’ and basically deliver it to committee members. We definitely have interesting plans for next year, we will keep it tight right now. But we will be announcing it soon,” he said.