Asian Poker Tour announces APT Macau 2017 schedule

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Macau, China, June 8, 2017 – The Asian Poker Tour is suiting up for its next big poker festival of the year, the APT Macau 2017. In partnership with the Macau Billionaire Poker group, the event will be held on June 14th-22nd at the Macau Billionaire Poker room inside the Babylon Casino. (Subject to regulatory approval)

Through the years, the APT has visited Asia’s major gambling destination seven times bringing with them their signature structured tournaments. For the first time the APT has joined forces with the MBP group who are recognized for producing large scale poker events in Macau. Last year, the MPB opened their own poker room which has quickly become one of the most popular rooms in the area.

Asian Poker Tour announces APT Macau 2017 scheduleThe APT Executive Director Lloyd Fontillas expressed, “We are very excited to return to Macau and host our next big event with Macau Billionaire Poker. Both the APT and MBP share the same goals of promoting and developing the sport by offering top quality events. For our upcoming APT Macau, players can expect nothing less than an intense schedule of highly crafted tournaments. We hope to see everyone come out and experience the fun and thrill that our event has to offer.”

The APT Macau 2017 will run for nine days featuring a HKD 19,800 buy-in Main Event, a Super High Rollers (special event), and 16 exciting side events which includes a HKD 33,000 buy-in High Rollers.

Here is a look at the highlights of the APT Macau 2017 schedule:

APT Macau 2017 Main Event

The highlight event of the APT Macau 2017 is the APT Main Event, a deep structured No Limit Texas Hold’em tournament with blinds escalating every 60 minutes. Buy-in is HKD 19,800. This is the only event where players can win the coveted APT Championship Ring. Below is a breakdown of the days:
Day 1A – Saturday, June 17th
Day 1B – Sunday, June 18th
Day 2 – Monday, June 19th
Day 3 – Tuesday, June 20th
Final 8 – Wednesday, June 21st
For those looking to enter at a lower cost, there are three satellites offered in the schedule. The reigning champion of the APT Macau Main Event is Korea’s SJ Kim who won the event back in December 2016 for his first APT championship title and APT Championship Ring.

Super High Rollers (special event)

With a growing interest witnessed the past two years, the Super High Rollers tournament was added to the roster in December at the APT Finale Macau 2016. With a buy-in of HKD 200,000, this event clearly separates the big guns from the general mass. This special event will take place on Wednesday, June 21st and is scheduled to run for two days.

High Rollers

For players who prefer a big prize pool combined with a tighter field, the High Rollers is the tournament for you. The event will be on the floor on Friday, June 16th. This is a scheduled two-day event. Buy-in is HKD 33,000.

Opening Event HKD 300,000 Guaranteed

The APT Macau 2017 will open its doors on June 14th with the Opening Event HKD 300,000 Guaranteed. This is a highly popular event, and it is the only tournament in the roster that offers a guarantee. Buy-in is HKD 2,200. Below is a review of the schedule:

Flight A: Wednesday, June 14th at 1pm
Flight B: Wednesday, June 14th at 5pm
Final day: Thursday, June 15that 1pm

Main Event Warm Up

The Main Event Warm Up kicks off on the second day of the festival, Thursday, June 15th. This event offers the same format as the APT Main Event however the blinds duration is cut to half, escalating every 30 minutes. This is another well-attended event with players eager to get some practice in before the main. Buy-in is HKD 7,700. This is a scheduled two day event.

Other Side Events

Throughout the nine day event, there are a wide variety of No Limit Hold’em events with buy-ins ranging from HKD 1,100 – HKD 8,800.

Monster Stack

This event attracts many players to the felt even until the final buzzer of late registration. With a deep stack to back them up, players have ample mobility at the felt with many hands to choose from. The prize pool tends to be very lucrative with a buy-in of HKD 8,800. The event takes place on Tuesday, June 20th and is a scheduled two day event.

Other popular side events include a Head Hunter 1,000/Bounty with a HKD 4,400 entry fee, No Limit Hold’em tournaments ranging from HKD 2,200 – HKD 6,600, several Deep Stack Turbo events from HKD 1,100 – HKD 2,200, a 6 Handed Turbo w/Antes event, and the Ante Up for Charity, where a portion of the prize pool is donated to a charity organization.
For the full schedule, head to the APT Macau 2017 event page.

Macau Billionaire Poker room

The Macau Billionaire Poker room officially opened in April 22nd, located on the 2nd floor inside the Babylon Casino at Macau Fisherman’s Wharf. Since its opening, several big events have been staged including the highly successful MBP 2017 Spring Challenge this past March. MBP has been in the scene since 2010 and continues to be one of the well-established promoters of poker in the Greater China region.

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