Corey Padveen: Work with operators that care about mobile strategy

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In this interview with’s Becky Liggero, Corey Padveen of t2 Marketing International explains the importance of dealing with mobile-focused operators.

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Mobile devices have overtaken PCs in terms of relevance in people’s daily lives.

The accessibility of mobile devices has made it easier for people to do their everyday transactions since everybody can easily access the internet through their hand-held gadget.

That’s why Corey Padveen of t2 Marketing International advises gambling affiliates to ditch desktop and focus their energy and resources in creating an effective mobile-friendly websites.

“You have to consider having a very fast site when it comes to mobile. You have to consider a content-relevant site when it comes to mobile. And you have to make sure that everything that you are doing on mobile is mobile-focused,” Padveen told

In building effective mobile-friendly websites, Padveen stressed the importance of webpages that load in less than 10 seconds. The reason behind it, according to Padveen, is due to the fact that a person’s attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish.

He warned that the longer their website loads in mobile devices, the more the firm stands to lose their potential visitors.

Faster websites, according to Padveen, can also help an affiliate rank higher than other affiliates’ sites in Google Search. This is due to the search engine’s algorithm to prioritize quick loading websites above all else.

“So you really don’t have much time to get people interacting with your content, especially on mobile. So, if your mobile site or the link that you are sharing on Facebook or the link you are sharing on twitter, if that’s going to a page that has huge image files, that has tons and tons of written content, and a video and just unnecessary content that makes it longer load time, you are likely to be losing potential visitors who are only going to give you a few seconds for your content to load. Otherwise, there’s plenty more content where that came from that they can go back to and visit instead,” Padveen explained.

For gambling affiliates who want their business to become successful, Padveen advises them to work with operators that care about mobile strategy and mobile content. The operator, according to Padveen, should also have a mobile application in place.

He explained that an affiliate will fail if the people they are driving via clicks are just leaving the operators’ website.

“If I am an affiliate sending traffic to one of my operators, and the operators’ website is clunky with long load time, if they haven’t put a responsive version of a landing page. If the user has to start zooming in and out in filling out complicated form, with these tiny little bars that hasn’t been updated, you are not necessarily going to get all the conversions,” Padveen said.  “What you want to focus on is working with operators that cares about their mobile strategies, that cares about their mobile content, and ideally have mobile application in place already. Because close to 90 percent at times sent engaging in mobile is spent engaging in actual application. So, if you are working with operators, especially now with the mobile first index, especially now with mobile being such a huge amount of time spent engaging in digital media, you want to be working with operators that have spent their time focusing on mobile, the same way you will.”


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