Eddie Hall: Weightlifting is a 24/7 job

Eddie Hall: Weightlifting is a 24/7 job

In this interview with CalvinAyre.com’s Becky Liggero, Britain’s “strongest man” Eddie Hall shares his secret on how to become a successful weightlifter.

Eddie Hall, considered the strongest man in Britain, wouldn’t be called the beast by many for nothing.

At 29, the English professional strongman has already done the unthinkable by being the only man to deadlift 500kg under the strongman rules.

Hall, however, acknowledges that such achievement of becoming UK’s strongest man for four years running is not as easy as it seems. Dedication and hard work combined with heart win the championship, he says.

“To be honest, I came in and I kicked-ass. I basically come in the top 2 on every event. I won it by 14 and a half points. Fair to say, I dominated the show and it was a great victory,” Hall told CalvinAyre.com. “While I actually own the world record for the heaviest weight lifted in history, which is 500 kg. No human’s ever done that before.”

To become a strongman, Hall pointed out that the person should dedicate his whole life, energy, and passion to weightlifting. Not everybody, according to Hall, is called to become a strongman he said.

Hall said he starts and ends his day working out in the gym instead of just allocating just a few hours to work out.

“A strong man is not just a few hours a day training. It is a 24-hour job. It’s get up at half six in the morning just to eat, I’ll go back to bed until 9, eat again. Then physio for an hour, then eat again. And then we’ll do stretching for an hour and a half, then a second dinner, then we’ll do pre-gym workouts, like mobility. Then we’ll get to the gym and workout for four hours which is lifting weights. And then at home, hot and cold treatments at home, tea and bed. It is a 24 hour job,” he said.

He also reminded aspiring weightlifters to be mindful of their diets in order to achieve the physique they need for the sport.

“My meals are very basic. Very generic meal. A good ratio of fats, carbs, and protein. Basically what a normal human eats, just times 4. An average adult can choose to eat 2 ½ pounds of calories a day, I can chew 10 pounds of calories a day,” Hall said.