Kris Mobayeni: Optimize sites to take advantage of marketing status

Kris Mobayeni on online behavior traffic

In this interview with’s Becky Liggero, Kris Mobayeni of BounceX shares several ways which affiliates can use to determine digital online behavior.

There’s no denying that cyberspace has indeed become the premier battleground of many businesses. To cope with the trend, many businesses are slowly abandoning traditional marketing approaches in favor of a digital marketing strategy.

But embracing digital marketing is not as easy as it seems. One of the challenges that many affiliates face is lessening the drop-off of visitors to their websites.

Kris Mobayeni of BounceX said there are tools that affiliates can use to determine digital online behavior. One, according to Mobayani, is using advanced analytics platforms such as heat mapping.

The platform, according to Mobayeni, sees what people are clicking on and tells where on the page people are spending most of the time. Most importantly, Mobayeni pointed out that it tracks where the drop-off is happening.

“Inherently, affiliates are driving traffic to a number of different operators, right? When that onsite messaging, once they reached the operative side, kind of differs from ultimately on the messaging on their page. That’s where you see a lot of drop-off,” Mobayeni told “It is difficult to make sure that the visitor has a consumer experience through the entire journey, to register and deposit. So finding ways to personalize it is the key.”

Once online behavior and drop off has been determined, Mobayeni said affiliates may optimize their sites to take advantage of the marketing status.

He pointed out that the key for affiliates is to continue to talk to people even after they’ve dropped off the operator site.

“I think the key thing here is that, right now, especially for affiliates, the conversation kind of ends after people drop-off from the operator site. And it is really difficult to get the people back. But what we’ve really seen is, if you can capitalize on those heightened behaviors, identify the areas of opportunity with abandonment to really identify the visitor, and continue to message, continue to the conversation with the goal of getting them back, you can really see huge gains,”Mobayeni said. “Say you send a hundred people to say to convert. But if you can get, later on in a different session on a different device, two more, three more people to convert, you are looking at double the business. So I think there’s huge opportunity there right now. I think affiliates have done well in capitalizing that same session conversion. Now, the next step is, how can we remarket people to get them back.”