Experts go beyond SEO at Nordic Affiliate Conference

Experts go beyond SEO at Nordic Affiliate Conference

Search engine optimization (SEO) is like a license for many affiliates to print money, but today’s marketing landscape for businesses is changing rapidly, especially in the iGaming industry.

The common attack to SEO has been to slap together a thin affiliate site (TAS) and bang away at link building using an automated tool that promises to have the site “ranking overnight” for a cheap price. This, unfortunately, usually doesn’t work. So what do affiliates need to do?

Experts go beyond SEO at Nordic Affiliate ConferenceFor affiliates in the Nordic region, SEO is the main focus, which means that the market has already become incredibly competitive. But there alternative acquisition channels that are being overlooked, and these could be a huge opportunity for affiliates who want to go a different route.

At the Nordic Affiliate Conference on April 6 and 7, going beyond SEO is one of the big topics. In this session, experts will discuss using social, mobile, PPC and Twitch to drive untapped revenues in the Nordic region.

Four experts will lead the discussion at the “lounge-style event.” One of them is Louis Meletiou, a digital marketing coordinator at Illuminate, who has been pioneering solutions—from paid social and PPC strategies to SEO growth hacks—for some of the world’s largest gaming clients. Illuminate is credited for developing the UK’s pre-eminent Native Advertising Platform, and Meletiou has been focusing on integrating the rapidly developing channel into existing strategies.

Meletiou will be joined by Nick Duddy, founder of Miratrix, which focuses on organic and inorganic app growth. Duddy is also a YouTuber and a research associate at UCL, researching the Google Play Store and Apple App Store algorithms.

Rounding up the group of speakers are James Prosser and Jake Apperley, who founded sports tipping websites and Prosser focuses on, while Apperley focuses on

The two-day Nordic Affiliate Conference will be held at Stockholm’s Grand Hotel. The event will kick off with a welcome networking dinner on the evening of April 6.