Big data takes the spotlight at Nordic Affiliate Conference

Big data takes the spotlight at Nordic Affiliate Conference

The inaugural Nordic Affiliate Conference is upon us, and among the big topics that will be discussed on April 6 and 7, are big data and AI for next generation creative production.

Big data takes the spotlight at Nordic Affiliate Conference Big data has been all the buzz lately as the latest trend that will shape marketing practices in the near future. But thinking about it, big data—in terms of mass data collection—is already present in our daily lives for years—when we swipe our credit cards to pay for our purchases, when we fill out survey forms in exchange for a free gift or even when we order pizza for home delivery.

The current affiliate marketing landscape is no stranger to new technologies. In fact, the industry is always seeking for a spark of ingenuity among the emerging trends that will pave a new path for affiliate marketers and managers.

So how will big data affect the affiliate marketing environment?

Experts said big data will bring insights into what works and what doesn’t, helping marketers to evaluate their existing programs and make the necessary tweaks for added growth and profitability. According to MarketingProfs, big data can be used to credit every conversion and get a better idea of the entire consumer journey, providing affiliate marketers more real-time information that will help them make better decisions, marketing-wise.

At the upcoming Nordic Affiliate Conference, experts and industry executives are scheduled to discuss big data for the so-called Affiliate 2.0.

Alok Alström, chief commercial officer of, a platform for AI-powered Ad A/B-testing, will lead the big data discussion at the “lounge-style event.” Alström, who is credited for leading Uber’s expansion in Sweden both geographically and by introducing new products and features, will provide attendees with an overview of the evolution of performance marketing value drivers. He will also take “a deep dive into the new possibilities of AI-powered creative optimization.”

The two-day Nordic Affiliate Conference will be held at Stockholm’s Grand Hotel. The event will kick off with a welcome networking dinner on the evening of April 6.