PokerVision partner with Luken Communications for American launch

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PokerVision, a subsidiary of ePlay Digital Inc., has agreed to terms with Luken Communications LLC to broadcast their Next Generation TV content via the Action Network.

PokerVision partner with Luken Communications for American launchAm I the only one still confused as to the intent of the PokerVision Network?

The subsidiary of ePlay Digital Inc., a posse of TV geeks, eSports stars and poker players, has inked a Programming Distribution Agreement to air its library of products in 28 US TV markets.

But is this the right market?

I know that 1.4 billion of the 7 billion people on this planet own a TV set. But that’s surely trending south? The audience warming their butts on the couch, watching hours upon hours of TV are dying. The Millennials won’t want to watch TV.

PokerVision is partnering with Luken Communications LLC, who broadcast to over 22 million houses and through 38 affiliates. The proposed Next Generation TV products won’t hit the ground running. Instead, PokerVision will air shows from their ‘library’ until they start creating immersive and innovative live products.

Netflix started out this way. They hit the market offering movies, and TV shows that nobody cared about because they had seen them a thousand times, and then slowly over time they added brand new content created for the Netflix audience. Netflix’s revenue was more than $8.8 billion in 2016, and they have more than 93 million subscribers worldwide.

Poker Central also started out the same way with a series of Poker Gold content. Over time they added what they perceived to be fresh new content, and then they predictably moved away from the TV market and into other digital territories.

Back in December, PokerVision announced plans to launch in their home market of Canada in early 2017, but an American launch now takes precedent.

Earlier this month, PokerVision announced the signing of Jaime Staples to act as a brand ambassador for the site. The PokerStars Twitch star will feature across all of PokerVision’s platforms including the idiot box.

The new show airs on April 1, 2017, on the Action Network.

I will be watching this one with a keen but confused eye.


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