Melissa Blau on the importance of expos for start-ups

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In this interview with’s Becky Liggero, Melissa Blau of iGaming Capital explains why entrepreneur should invest in joining expos like the EiG.

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One of the many dilemmas of budding entrepreneurs is introducing their new product to everyone. They know that the success of their product, no matter how good it is, still depends on meeting the right people to help distribute it and make it accessible to the public.

Thanks to the different expos held annually in different parts of the globe annually, new businessmen get the chance to bring their innovative products to the fore. Melissa Blau of iGaming Capital encourages rising entrepreneurs to take the opportunity to attend these conferences and expos in order for them to widen their network.

“The people here, they want to be here. They are serious and it’s a high caliber people. To get that kind of visibility amongst this group of people is really hard to do and is important,” Blau told “To get that kind of visibility, amongst this group of people is really hard to do and is really important. I do highly encourage people to submit for this because you get access to people and you can get lot more attention here.”

She pointed out that conferences – such as the EIG – has been instrumental in giving rising entrepreneurs a chance to showcase their products to the mainstream market and at the same time, get feedbacks on how to improve their technology further.

Blau said that among the notable side events during last October’s EiG conference was the 2016 Start-Up Launchpad competition, where five start-ups pitched their products and got quizzed by a panel of investors.

During last year’s EiG conference, she said that the limelight has been shone upon the eSports industry. She said that the five start-ups introduced in the 2016 Start-Up Launchpad went through a lot of scrutiny before they had been included in the conference’s line-up.

The process of choosing the start-ups that will participate in the conference usually takes them months to complete, according to Blau. She said that two of the five companies included in the launchpad were eSports related ones. Also included were real money companies, professional betting on professional teams, and exchange of real money teams.

“On the OGS side, does reflect the complexities of this industry with a lot of legacy software and how companies are trying to disrupt existing infrastructure. They are trying to combine lottery and casino games and create a genre. They have had huge success in Lottoland, which has been the darling of the industry this year. So they’ve risen with them with a 70 percent conversion rate of the Lottoland players,” she said. “So it also represents that there’s still an opportunity out there for game developers and so that was great and then the winner, once been millionaire, which demonstrates that need again, that casino doesn’t offer a lottery-like life changing experience and with their system, you have a second chance almost, to take second chance, lottery-like experience. So you can be betting on red or black which is not a life changing experience and accidentally you have a life changing experience. I really love the companies we have this year. We didn’t have a huge number of submission, but they are all extreme high quality.”


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