Nicky Senyard: A House in Order is Ripe for Acquisition

Nicky Senyard: A House in Order is Ripe for Acquisition

In this interview with CalvinAyre’s Rebecca Liggero, Nicky Senyard of Income Access shares the secret on how affiliates can be easily acquired by bigger companies.

In September, the gambling industry was taken by surprised when Paysafe, a leading global provider of payment solutions, that it was expanding its product capabilities by acquiring affiliate technology business Income Access Group for US$30 million.

Both Paysafe and Income Access agreed that the acquisition will help both organizations to expand their global affiliate network and embed their payment capabilities more deeply into the merchants they are both working with.

For affiliates wanting to be acquired by bigger organizations, one question was on top of their minds: “What did Income Access do to make them more appealing for acquisition?”

Nicky Senyard of Income Access, in response, offers a simple tip for affiliates that wanted to expand their horizons through acquisition – putting their houses in order.

Citing their experience, Senyard also pointed out that when negotiations started for the possible acquisition of their organization, Income Access have always been clear on who the company are servicing, what services they are offering, giving the other party their clear revenue lines and disclosing where their expenses go.

“So I think, it’s just having a house in order – in whatever way that it looks like – and that makes it much more appealing to people who are looking to add value, and because they are actually partnering with someone who has a good house in order,” Senyard told

For Senyard, there’s nothing wrong if affiliates decide to let their organizations be acquired since acquisitions show ways how campanies can synergize a lot of products and services and simplified delivery.

She also said acquisition is also a way to help increase the value of companies and their relevancy.

“It really means good things for the organization. I’ve been running Income Access for 15 years and I’ve been looking for ways to grow the company and expand it to stay relevant in the industry. So the great fit in this partnership is that Paysafe, through Neteller, has been a client for six or seven years,” she said. “So we knew their business, they knew our business. They’re a public traded company at the London Stock Exchange, their resources were deep. They really wanted to grow income access business. So I saw that this was a perfect fit because we were partners already with a lot of clients and we see this opportunity to extend that partnership.”